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Chapter 6 CHAPTER 6

  • The scene where Rhianne was crying while crouching on the floor was what Francis saw when he opened the door. He panicked a little while yelling loudly to call their parents into her room. Seeing her dear daughter in that state, Carmie quickly hugged Rhianne trying to calm her down. Rhianne did not know who held her body, but she wrapped her slender arms on that person as she cried louder than before.
  • It took them a whole hour before they managed to calmed down the youngest member of their family. Her eyes were a bit red and swollen while some of her tears were still hanging on her eyelashes. Her cheeks were also swollen and her lips were slightly trembling.
  • Francis intuitively brought a glass of water to his sister. Carmie reached for the glass and helped Rhianne to took small sips of water in the glass. After a few more minutes, Rhianne finally settled her emotions and stopped crying. Rhianne lowered her head, trying to hide her messy appearance from these people.
  • "Talk to us, dear. What happened? Why are you crying?" Carmie asked in a hushed voice trying not to scare or surprised Rhianne.
  • "Uhm... You are my mother, right?" Rhianne timidly asked in a small voice instead of answering her question. Then she looked at the two men standing behind Carmie. "And you two are my father and brother."
  • Due to her question, tears sprang again into Carmie's eyes. Carmie blinked her eyes rapidly to stop herself from crying in front of her daughter. This is not the right time for her to cry. As her mother, she has to be strong.
  • "That is right, my dear. I am your mother." Carmie said then looked at Tim and Francis behind her. "And they are your father and brother."
  • Rhianne timidly nodded her head in understanding. Remembering that she just got discharged from the hospital, Tim told his wife to let their daughter rest and they will continue explaining everything to her tomorrow morning. Rhianne also thought that it was the best thing to do so, ao she obediently nodded her head. Carmie told Francis to be alert and called them if something happened again since his room was next to Rhianne's.
  • Carmie asked Rhianne if she wanted someone to stay with her, but she politely refused the offer. Thinking her daughter still needed some time and space, Carmie tucked her in bed and leave the lampshade on before leaving the room with her husband and son. Rhianne pretended to be sleeping until she can't feel their presence in her room. After a few minutes of pretending, Rhianne sat down on her bed and let out a long sigh. After letting out her frustrations and helplessness in her situation, Rhianne's mind gets clear.
  • Rhianne decided to be positive in her situation. Grieving over the things that cannot be changed is useless this time. Crying once is already enough. This is her reality now. There is no other option left to her but to accept it. That is why she plans to talk to her new family first thing in the morning.
  • The next day, Rhianne woke up very early and fixed herself. After brushing her long hair, she can't help but admire her new appearance again. Her original body just has an average face that does not leave any impression on other people. But staring at the young beauty in the mirror, Rhianne can't help but be a little narcissistic with her new face.
  • 'What a beauty! I should take good care of this appearance. It would be a pity if I will just waste this beautiful face.'
  • Rhianne was about to step out of her room when someone knocked on the door and called her name. She recognized that voice. It was Francis. Taking a deep breath, Rhianne opened the door to see him.
  • After leaving Rhianne in her room, Francis called Dr. Calvin to tell him what happened last night. Dr. Calvin told them that it was only natural for Rhianne to be anxious and frustrated since she can't remember anything. He also advised that it would be better if they will give her some space and do not force her to remember anything for now. After telling Francis that he will visit them in the afternoon tomorrow, Dr. Calvin ended the call.
  • Looking at the glum faces of their parents, Francis feels great pity for them. He can't imagine how painful it was for their parents to see Rhianne like that. After all, Francis and their parents treated Rhianne like their treasure.
  • After giving birth to Francis, Carmie had a difficulty to conceive another child. They already tried a lot of different medical approaches, but none of them works on her case. Because of it, Carmie and Tim had already lost their hope to have another child. But years later, she got pregnant again and gave birth to a baby girl and named it Rhianne. As Rhianne grows up, the whole family treated her as a blessing and a miracle.
  • "Hello..." Rhianne greeted him awkwardly which woke him up from his deep thoughts. "Good morning... brother."
  • "Good morning." Francis replied. "You do not have to force yourself. If you feel uncomfortable to call me a brother like you used to, you can just call me by my name."
  • "No, it is okay." Rhianne said. "You are my brother, it is just I can't remember it for now. Sorry."
  • "You do not have to apologize."
  • Francis felt a little lost when he saw his little sister being timid with her actions and unsure of what to do next. It was very different from her usual cheerful and active personality. He was about to put his hand to ruffle her hair just like what he usually does but stopped himself halfway. Thinking that his actions may frighten his little sister, Francis decided to stop acting like a close sibling to her for a while.
  • "Uhm...How old are you, brother?" Rhianne asked again.
  • "I'm 18." Francis said. "And you're 12."
  • "Oh."
  • After that, Rhianne did not ask another question again.
  • "Let us go downstairs and eat breakfast. You must be hungry now."
  • Rhianne nodded her head and silently followed Francis. When the husband and wife saw their children, they quickly approached them especially their daughter. Rhianne greeted them awkwardly called them 'mom' and 'dad' which gave them a weird feeling in their chest. Rhianne's voice was too polite as if she was not speaking to her own family. But thinking of how much Rhianne was suffering right now, they became more understanding and considerate towards their daughter.