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Chapter 4 CHAPTER 4

  • At her question, Francis stiffly stare at his sister. He was trying to find anything from Rhianne's expression. The two of them are very close so it was natural for Rhianne to prank her older brother sometimes. But seeing Rhianne's confused expression, he knew that she was being serious.
  • Panicking, Francis ran outside to call her doctor again. When he came back, Rhianne saw the teenage boy has a nervous expression. The doctor he brought asked Rhianne some questions again. The doctor asked questions like if she knows her name, age, her relatives, and the details of her accident. This makes her really confused.
  • 'Why has the doctor asked me this question? And why did the teenage boy looking at me with that anxious expression?'
  • Rhianne tried to think if she met this teenage boy before. As far as she can remember, the first time she met him was when he saved her with the middle-aged woman from the accident. Because Rhianne was deep in her own thoughts, she did not answer the doctor's question. Francis and the doctor exchanged looks before leaving Rhianne alone in the room again.
  • "Did something happened to my sister?" Francis anxiously asked Dr. Calvin, Rhianne's doctor.
  • "Her life is not in danger anymore. As I've said a while ago, she only needs to have plenty of rest for the next two days."
  • "I already know that! What I am asking is why it seems like she can't remember anything?"
  • During Rhianne's accident, the Cartel siblings decided to play in the pool. Rhianne was still trying to learn how to swim. When he heard his phone ringing on the table, Francis get out of the water and reminded his sister not to play at the deepest part of the pool. A close friend of Francis calls him, so he got engrossed on the phone call for a while.
  • He saw Rhianne trying to swim in the deeper part of the pool, so he scolded her to get out of the pool. Rhianne sighed and decided to follow her brother's order. When he saw Rhianne getting out of the pool, her foot slipped from the metal stairs. Francis saw that Rhianne's head hit the metal stairs before falling on the pool again. Throwing his phone somewhere, he quickly jumped in the water to save his sister.
  • Though Rhianne was not bleeding anywhere, it does not mean she was already out of danger. The doctor examined her to checked if she has internal bleeding or not. Fortunately, there was nothing abnormal in her body. This eased her family's worry. But remembering his sister's look as she asked about him, worries and uneasiness bloomed in his heart again.
  • "Physically, Ms. Cartel is okay. But based on her behavior after she woke up, it seems like she's having a loss of memory."
  • "What does it mean?!"
  • "Amnesia. You mentioned that Ms. Cartel hit her head hard before falling down the water. That may be the cause of why she can't remember anything. We still need to observe her for a while. Maybe she was just confused for the meantime since Ms. Cartel just woke up." Dr. Calvin said. "If my suspicions are true, I can call my friend in F City to examine Ms. Cartel about her condition. For now, you should calm down first, and don't let your sister see you are anxious."
  • After some pointers from Dr. Calvin, he left Francis alone in front of Rhianne's room. This is the first time Rhianne woke up after her accident after three days. Francis thought that everything was now okay, but who would have thought that Rhianne might be suffering from amnesia after waking up?
  • Francis forced himself to calm down. He first sat on a chair before he fished out his phone from his pocket to call their parents. Francis called their mother to tell that Rhianne has woken up, but did not mention about her current situation. It was better to talk about it in person than through the phone.
  • While pondering how he will tell their parents about Rhianne's condition, Francis heard the sound of a door opening. Francis saw Rhianne standing at the door. She was supporting her weak body on the IV stand she was holding. She looks pitiful.
  • "Why did you get up from the bed? You should rest more."
  • The truth is, Rhianne heard the conversation between Francis and Dr. Calvin.
  • 'Sister? But I can't remember having a sibling after my parents died. And the word 'F City' sounds familiar. Most importantly, why they are referring to me as "Ms. Cartel"?'
  • Rhianne's eyes widened when she remembered where did she hear it. That is the surname of the character who has the same name as her.
  • Rhianne Cartel.
  • Seeing his sister's pale face, Francis assisted Rhianne back to the bed. He was trying to be careful around Rhianne. If she was really suffering from amnesia, then she cannot remember anything including him.
  • 'Rhianne is like a lost girl filled with strangers around her now.'
  • This thought was basically what Rhianne is thinking right now.
  • 'Who are these people? Why are they referring me as Ms. Cartel? I am not that person! What is happening right now?!'