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Chapter 36 CHAPTER 36

  • Everyone is enjoying the party tonight. It is a rare chance for students from different levels and sections to meet and talk with each other. The food served for tonight is all made by a famous chef hired by our school for this party. The music that is currently playing is lively and loud music. A lot of students are now dancing energetically while following the rhythm of the music.
  • While the other students are busy socializing with the students from other sections, there are two students who choose to stay in the food area. When Rhianne and Keith attended the party together earlier, the first thing they do was to go to the dessert section. Of course, it was all Rhianne's idea. Rhianne heard from her brother that the chef their school hired for tonight is also a good patissier.
  • Rhianne quickly pulled Keith with her to taste all the desserts displayed on the table. Naturally, Keith never complained about it and even helped Rhianne to put the desserts on her plate. Rhianne was clearly enjoying the delicious taste of every dessert on her plate. Rhianne was thinking that she can surely finish two or three more plates of desserts tonight if no one will stop her.
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