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Chapter 30 CHAPTER 30

  • After buying her a can of strawberry milkshake, Keith together with Rhianne returns to their classroom. Rhianne feels weird since she can feel the eyes of their classmates on them. She looks at their classmates and then at Keith. In the end, Rhianne concluded that they are only looking at Keith since he made a huge transformation.
  • What Rhianne did not know was their classmates are really looking at both of them. It was true that some of them are still feeling strange looking at Keith's eyes, but most of them are thinking of something more interesting. Seeing Rhianne and Keith talking and walking side by side again, the whole class are having the same thought— They finally reconciled.
  • At the same time, their homeroom adviser returns with their test papers. Rhianne's heart is beating fast. She did not answer the remaining questions earlier. Her score must be lower than the passing grade.
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