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Chapter 22 CHAPTER 22

  • Rhianne can feel the stinging pain in her knees, but she ignored it, remembering that Keith has more wounds and bruises than her. Compared to his injuries, her own wounds were nothing. When they arrived at the school clinic, the doctor in-charge looked at both of them before approaching Rhianne to tell her to sit on the sofa for a while.
  • Rhianne said that she can treat her own wounds and insisted that the doctor should focus on treating Keith's wounds instead. The doctor looked at Keith for the first time before she started treating his wounds. Keith had red bruises on his arms and back. His lips were bleeding and has a lot of scratches on his arms. His once clean and white uniform was now tattered and dirty.
  • The teacher who brought Rhianne and Keith informed them that they will call their parents to fetch them before leaving the clinic. Keith was hissing in pain and tried to complain whenever the doctor puts antiseptic on his wounds. The doctor didn't apologize. Instead, she even scolded and told him to stop moving so they she can properly treat his wounds.
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