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Chapter 2 CHAPTER 2

  • Rhianne slammed the book in her bag after reading the middle part of the story. She tried to calm herself down by grabbing her bottle jug and drank the content of it. She can't believe that the character with the same name as her met that tragic ending.
  • After finishing her work as a saleslady in a department store, one of her workmates asked Rhianne to joined her in a bookstore to buy a romance novel to read. Since she does not have anything to do after her shift, Rhianne agreed to join her workmate.
  • While waiting for her workmate, Rhianne randomly browsed the bookshelf in the bookstore to kill some time. A black, hardbound book caught Rhianne's attention so she reached for it. When she discovered that one of the characters in the story has the same name as her, Rhianne decided to buy it without looking at the book's title or synopsis.
  • After buying their books, Rhianne and her workmate had separated at the bus stop and bid goodbye to each other. She rode a bus and sat on the seat behind the bus driver. Rhianne opened the book she bought and started reading it.
  • The plot started when the main female protagonist, Candice Dy, was adopted by a kind couple in the countryside. Because of her intelligence and good character, the male lead will slowly fall in love with her. However, the male lead's family will oppose their relationship because of Candice's poor background. Keith Lancester's family will cause a lot of trouble for Candice until she decided to break up with the male lead and grabbed the exchange student program that their school offered to her and goes abroad.
  • In the middle of the story, the novel introduced Andrew Gartin. He's the character who is good at hiding his thoughts and emotions. Andrew is an ambitious man who wants all the best he can have. He came from a family that is not rich enough to enter the high society so all he can do was to endure for now. He has a childhood friend named Rhianne Cartel. Andrew acted like a perfect gentleman whenever he was with Rhianne. Because of it, Rhianne fell in love with him and does not want to marry any other guy aside from Andrew.
  • But the truth is, Andrew just wanted Rhianne's fortune and family's name for his own ambitions. Rhianne is the little princess of her family. They cherished her so much which makes her a little spoiled. When the Cartel family discovered her relationship with Andrew, they were against it, but when Rhianne threatened her family that she will kill herself, they can't do anything but to reluctantly approved of their relationship. When Andrew entered the Cartel family, that's when the tragedy in Rhianne's life started.
  • He used the Cartel name to enter the high society. When he got a stable position in the high society, he planned a gruesome crime for Rhianne's parents and make her older brother a main suspect for it. Since Rhianne had no clue how to manage a company, Andrew became the new person-in-charge of their company. 
  • When Rhianne realized what was truly happening, it was already late. All of the Cartel's fortune is now under Andrew's name. Rhianne was banished from her own house and branded as a madwoman by those people around her. When she tried to kill Andrew, she ended up dead instead.
  • It brought a sour mood to Rhianne after reading that part. The character named Rhianne in the novel is just an extra character used to make Andrew more powerful in the story. What is the author's thinking while writing the plot of this story? It's too much! And why does that stupid woman in love has the same name as her?
  • When Rhianne decided to continue reading the story, an accident suddenly happened. The bus driver shouted at the passengers to grab on to something stable. He hastily shouted that the bus was losing its control. Then the bus ran at too much speed. Rhianne can't catch up in her current situation. She was about to hold the pole tightly when the bus crashed straight with a heavily loaded truck.
  • It all happened so fast. Rhianne felt immersed pain in her chest before her head clashed on the pole with a great impact. All she can see was a blinding white light before Rhianne closed her eyes.