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Chapter 15 CHAPTER 15

  • Rhianne did not know what he was thinking right now. She had a frown on her pretty face while thinking about a lot of things. Apparently, Rhianne Cartel has been a spoiled lady pampered since birth. She never experienced any hardship in life because her money can solve everything. Not only that, but her body is also too delicate!
  • Aside from her new discovery that Rhianne Cartel is destined not to receive any flowers in this life, she also knew that her body is weak. This is too different from her past life. Due to the environment of their old place, Rhianne grew to be tough. She did not get sick easily and can still work even though she has a cold or fever.
  • 'No wonder that the whole family is very concerned with me. This body is too fragile!'
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