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Chapter 14 CHAPTER 14

  • Rhianne did not dwell much on the reality that she had met with the female lead. She remembered that Candice Dy was an orphan and adopted by a kind couple. After some years, she will meet the male lead and that will be the start of their romance. But Rhianne did not expect that Candice was an orphan from the Welfare Agency that her mother is managing.
  • After that day, Rhianne focused on learning again. Before the school year officially starts, she started reading the books available in their library. Her family was surprised when they her often staying in the library, but they did not say anything about it. Before her accident, Rhianne disliked reading books a lot. But looking at Rhianne who became interested in reading books, her family silently supported her.
  • One day, a maid informed them that they have a sudden visitors. Rhianne was scared that Andrew is the one visiting their house. But when the maid explained that their sudden visitors were Dr. Calvin and his brother, she let out a relieved sigh. When Rhianne goes down to the receiving room, Dr. Calvin was nowhere to be found, but his brother was sitting on the sofa alone and looked in her direction.
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