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Chapter 4

  • He rose from on top of me and I took his hand and led him into the bathroom. We both stepped into the shower and soaped each other up. I stroked his soapy cock and he rubbed his soapy hand over my raw pussy. I loved having him suck on my tits in the shower and I could feel his cock rising again. Pretty soon, he hoisted me up off my feet and guided my cunt down onto his engorged cockhead once again. I hadn't been fucked like this since the first year Jim and I were married and it made me feel like a sexy young slut. Doug bounced my body up and down on his shaft for a few more minutes until he started cumming again!
  • We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Doug wanted to fondle and grope me at every opportunity, and to tell you the truth, I liked the constant attention. Finally, Doug looked at the clock and figured he better get home before his dad showed up. We kissed once more and I lazily ran my hand over his bulging cock as he left the condo. A few minutes later, He appeared in his dad's unit and I flashed my tits at him as a final goodbye.
  • That was the beginning of something I never thought would happen to me. I could hardly sleep that night thinking of what I had done. I felt a bit guilty for fucking Doug behind Jim's back, but then I started to recall that Jim had started to drop little hints to me over the last year or so about fantasies he had. Fantasies about seeing me having sex with another man or having a threesome. I started to wonder if Jim would enjoy watching this young stud fuck his wife silly for a couple of hours!
  • I noticed Jacob come home a while later and he and Doug appeared to be watching a sporting event on TV while they ate their microwave dinners. I casually walked through the living room a couple of times and lingered long enough to know Doug was watching.
  • The next morning, I got up early and decided to go out and take a jog in the park. Little did I know that Doug was up early too and watching for me. As I jogged the three blocks down to the park, I could feel how sore and raw my pussy felt after the marathon fuck session with Doug. It was a bit uncomfortable, but exciting all at the same time. I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on around me, all I could fixate on was Doug's beautiful, slender cock.
  • Suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders steering me into a thick patch of shrubbery. I wheeled around to see Doug had caught up to me and he pulled me close to him and kissed me! His hands immediately grabbed my cheeks and pulled me nearly off my feet as he ground his hardening bulge against my mound. Finally, I broke our kiss and said "Doug, what are you doing?!, We can't do this here!"
  • "Why not!" he said quickly as his hand slid up under my jog shorts and found my moist slit. "Feels like you're more than ready!"
  • He was right! I glanced around us and confirmed there was no one close by and that we were hidden by the bushes. "Okay, but we have to make this a quick one!"
  • Doug slid his shorts down just enough to free his pulsating tool and I pulled the crotch of my panties to one side and raised one leg to make it easier for him to enter me. Then I felt his cockhead pressing against me and I lowered down and felt it slide in. His free hand slid up my shirt and he was pinching and mauling my breast as we fucked.
  • "That feels so fucking good!" I squealed in a hushed whisper.
  • It was crazy! Crazy to be fucking in a public park with a boy younger than my kids! I felt him pummel my cunt as fast as he could with an awkward stance. Soon you could hear the familiar sounds of wet sex as we pounded our bodies together. And as promised, it was a quickie! Doug started grunting and cumming in me with just a couple of minutes of fucking.
  • "We've got to get out of here!" I said as Doug's cock slipped from my pussy.
  • I could feel the instant flow of semen leaking from me. So I slipped off my shorts and panties and used the panties like a tampon and stuffed them up inside my sloppy cunt, then I put on my shorts and kissed Doug once more.
  • "That was fun Hon!" I said as I burst out of the brush and headed for home. I was leery of being seen too much with the boy since people would start to wonder what was going on. I circled the far side of the park before heading for home.
  • Doug was waiting for me at my tower's elevator. I got in the empty car and Doug followed close behind. As soon as the doors closed, he was on me like a lion on a gazelle. I finally pushed him back and told him "That's all for now!"
  • He gave me that "Hurt puppy dog" look just as we approached my floor. I reached up under my shorts and pulled out the sticky, cum soaked panties from my pussy, and stuffed them in his hand. "Now you have something to remember me by!"
  • I gave him a quick kiss and left him in the elevator as I went back to my condo. My heart was pounding with excitement at what had just transpired. I couldn't believe what a little fuck slut I was becoming. I glanced over towards the other tower and saw Doug arrive and walk to the living room where he held up the messy panties to his face and appeared to give them a good long sniff. Just then, his dad, Jacob appeared from the kitchen and Doug quickly stashed the soiled panties in his pocket. I decided it was time to cool off and take a cold shower!
  • It was hard not to wonder what my next interlude would be with my young lover. My husband was still away for another two days and I was becoming quite fond of the wonderful sex my young stud was giving me. Jacob appeared to be working from home the rest of the day so I figured there was no more "playtime" today.
  • As the afternoon came on, the clouds formed and the rain started, and it rained quite hard for some time. Then I heard my cell phone start ringing in my purse. I went to answer it and found it was a "Text message" waiting. I thought that was a bit strange since I don't do text messaging. I opened the message and read this :
  • "This morning was awesome and I can't wait to do it again. Please meet me upstairs, I'll be waiting for you in the bathroom next to the pool deck.
  • Doug"
  • My heart started racing again as I read and re-read the message. I could already feel my pussy start to churn and my nipples stiffened. I knew this was all wrong and I was gambling with getting caught and having someone tell my husband what was going on, but I also was longing for another ride on his glorious tool. I went into my bedroom and dug through my underwear drawer. I found a little red lace bra and panty set that Jim had given me ten years ago for Valentine's Day. I stripped off my clothes, put on the Valentine's outfit, and then put on my jog suit over the top. I slipped on a pair of strappy heeled sandals to complete the look then headed for the door.
  • I had to go down to the lobby from my tower, then transfer over to go up to the pool in Doug's tower where the pool was. Luckily, there was no one around the lobby area as I briskly walked to the other elevator. I pressed the elevator button and the car started to rise to the top floor. I couldn't help slipping my hand inside the elastic waistband of my pants and thong to feel my wetness! I could feel my clit getting swollen to the max as I rubbed it quickly to heighten my sexual state.
  • The elevator opened and I stepped out of the car. The place was deserted since it was still raining. I made my way over to the bathroom and opened the door. The light was off inside and as I reached around to turn it on, I felt his hand grab my wrist and pull me inside as the door closed. His mouth quickly found mine and I felt his hand trying desperately to unzip my jogsuit top. I ran my hand down the front of his pants and found that glorious bulge just waiting for me. Soon my top was off and he slid the pants off and I kicked them to one side.
  • "You really should turn on the lights so you can see what I wore for you Hon!" I said suggestively.
  • A second later the light flicked on and I stood there gasping! It was Jacob in the room with me, not Doug!