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Chapter 13 Warning

  • Chapter 13- Warning
  • Fear is a primitive human emotion. It can alert a person in presence of danger or threat of harm. Elise who saw the person who was the cause of her fear gritted her teeth.
  • She doesn’t want to feel threatened just because she saw the villain. Elise tried her best to calm down and fight the abnormal fear developing inside her. It’s in my mind... Elise wanted to act as normal as possible but her voice broke talking with Nero.
  • "Nero, C-can we get out of here fast? I think I'm not recovered yet. I feel tired now."
  • Nero notices the sudden change of atmosphere. The girl stops walking and stands frozen after seeing Alicia with Duke Molten. He heard her saying to go out but Nero's crescent eyes caught that she's frightened after noticing her voice.
  • Nero grabs Elise's shoulder and turns her around. He patted her head and whispered something.
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