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Chapter 8 You Are Getting Engaged

  • Min's grandma hit her with a book. A very big book to be precise. It was a book where the duties and roles with the characters that should be portrayed of young mistresses were written. It's a book passed from generations to generations. Her grandmother,the Emperor's mother brought the book along with her today to read it to her granddaughter again and again. And it highly seems like she would have to read every pages in the book. When she,she was growing up,she learnt every page of that book. The book name is, "Gongzhu Shū".
  • Bammm!!
  • Jasmine jolted up immediately and was damn furious after seeing it was that old hag that hit her with such book. She screamed at the woman. And stood up to face her head to head. The old woman didn't back down either.
  • Her noise made her mom rushed into the room with the Emperor and others. Her feets were rooted on the ground when she saw the sight in front of her. Her daughter looking at Emperor's mother in the eyes.
  • Jasmine didn't back down because she finally realized that this old hag was someone Mina feared so much. The one who made her scared and tortured her life. Only he knows how she had always wanted to bash this man. Now,she's standing right in front her and trying to form supremacy. Let's go there!!!!!
  • Others too got into the room and were surprised at the sight the saw. Jasmine said, "What can I do for you old hag?you are here again to stress the hell out of me, right?"
  • "Old hag?how dare you. You aren't even a spoilt brat,you are more than that. Look Luhan,look at your daughter. I trained her but after deciding to leave her to live her life,she turned this way", Grandmother said and pointed her finger at the Emperor.
  • "Well,I didn't even know I became rebellious. Ha!and you're pointing at my papa as if his the cause of your predicament. Look woman,I don't like you,so it's best you leave here this instant so I can get enough sleep",Jasmine said. "Take that B!tch."
  • "Xiao'er,come here",Her Father said.
  • Jasmine walked to her papa and he took her by the hands and took her away from the room. He took her to his chamber and sat her on his bed and asked a maid to get something for her to eat. His mother had always troubled his daughter since the day she was born.
  • Back then,when he wanted to marry Jia--Min's Mother,his mother disagreed with the idea and made him get married to Lian's mother. When he married Lian's mother he decided to marry Jia,his true love afterwards. He made her his Empress. She should have being his concubine but he made sure she became his Empress. Lian's mother being a calm person didn't even care. Though she married Luhan,she never actually loved the marriage. A forced marriage wasn't what she wanted,so when he married Jia and made her his Empress she cared less. She left the palace on a fateful night and never returned. Though she had a daughter for him. It was on a day when both of them were given aphrodisiac. The deed was done by then.
  • Jasmine ate the food and wondered why her Father didn't quest her. Though sometimes,whenever she offended,he reprimand her but on daily basis,he doesn't reprimand her.
  • When she was done,he took her and headed for the throne room. His mother sat there with his wife and first daughter. His mother had an angry expression on her face and when she saw both of them coming in,she scoffed.
  • "Look who we have here,the nonentity granddaughter of mine",Old madam said.
  • "Mother please",Luhan said. He was getting frustrated.
  • "What?look at your daughter. She surely took after her mother."
  • Empress Jia just but on her lips and looked down sadly. She always hope that the Old madam would like her o e day. She wasn't from a prestigious family,so the Old madam despises her when her son decided to still marry her.
  • "I think it's best you don't talk about my mother like that Your Royal Highness",Jasmine said. This old hag should be disposed soon . She can't even wait. The woman was always a pain in the ass. She even wanted Lian to marry Fu Cheng but buu!she didn't.
  • "Her Cheng is hers."
  • "It's high time you get married but first You are getting engaged",she dropped the bomb.
  • "Engaged?haaaa!to who old hag?"Jasmine taunted her more and more.
  • "How dare you call me Old hag? insolence!"
  • "Mother,just stop this act of yours. I think you should go back to your home", Luhan said.
  • "My home?this is my home,your father married me into this palace. So this is my home", Grandmother said.
  • "That was then,again you pulled that stunt of yours,this place is not your home."Emperor Luhan said.
  • "Don't interrupt me again,Min,you are getting engaged to Fen Shang."
  • "Brother Shang? haha. Brother Shang and I aren't compatible. You didn't even attend your favourite granddaughter's wedding but when she made you know of my not so good rebellious attitude,you rushed down here." Said Jasmine.
  • She then looked at Lian and said, "Always pretending. You called this old hag even though she doesn't like you. She should though but she doesn't. How unfortunate. So what happens now?You've told her already and she's now here so what do you gain."
  • "Get ready", Grandmother said and got up to leave.
  • "So sorry to burst your bubbles but woman,I ain't marry Brother Shang. That did be incent. Brother Shang and I are family and we can't get married",Jasmine said the same line Mina said in the story.
  • When Fen Shang had of the engagement between them,he bursted into laughter.