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Chapter 6 Bigger Fish

  • "Brother Shang", Jasmine/Min called. Looking at Cheng,she bowed a bit at him and called, "Commander Fu."
  • Fen Shang stared at this little pub of theirs and thought she was going to call Cheng by his name now as they were out of the training centre. He wonders whether she was over his friend or not cause their is an hundred percent probability that she isn't. Maybe she's trying to because Cheng doesn't like her and he won't.But he might though,hatred to love---how wonderful that is,hehehe. "Min,how delightful to see you here. What's our little princess doing here and what have you even gotten so far",Shang asked and mover closer to check what she had bought.
  • Jasmine just laughed a little bit as Shang kept sticking his face into her little bag. She looked at Cheng and saw he was staring at her intensely. He always did tho. It was as if he had something to confirm from her.
  • "Fen Shang",Cheng called and it was actually the first time he spoke since they moved closer to Min. His deep,husky voice was damn so attractive that it completed his features. An handsome,sexy chiseled guy with his damn deep voice that could make women go mad. Even men also He was the definition of perfection. No flaws at all. He was someone everyone were jealous of. "Let's go",was all he said and he left without waiting for Shang.
  • Shang waved at Min and walked faster to meet the pace of Cheng. He hunged his arm at Cheng's shoulder and began to bother him with questions.
  • "Why are you still hostile towards her?it's been a long time and you never told me why you became like this towards her? does she even know what she did to annoy you???", inquired Shang
  • Fu Cheng didn't bother to reply and just continue to walk. He didn't need to answer such question as it was unnecessary.
  • Jasmine could only laugh. Cheng is still hostile towards her cause he doesn't know the truth. Maybe she should tell him but nahhh,where's the fun if she doesn't prolong all this.
  • =========
  • Mimi,Rida, Fatimah and Drew were all seated on the round table for lunch. They were all so devastated on the news of their friend Jasmine. Fine,Drew was angry at her but he couldn't for long. She was his best friend and he loves her. After he saw her message that day,he was still angry at her but decided to let it go. One of these days,others were going to know he likes someone who was way older than him,so he thought of talking to her the next day at school. But who would have thought something like this was going to happen. His friend is missing and there hasn't been any lead on her case.
  • Mimi on the other hand was thinking of what might have happened to Jasmine. "Was she even still alive?and was she kidnapped or decided to end her own live? but none of it corresponded cause she didn't leave her house after getting home."
  • They all ate in silence and departed after they were done. It was so frustrating and tiring. Florida,was just lost cause since that incident,she hadn't been herself. Andrew,Andrew,he was the only one on her mind. They were all together always and she would steal glances at him to know what he was thinking. He was even more devastated and so angry after Jasmine got missing. She monitored him always and thought if she was the one missing,would he even be like this. She shouldn't think of this but she couldn't help. Firstly,she was thinking of the lady he likes but now she's thinking of how Jasmine disappearance has affected him a lot.
  • Mama Ambrose was like a living dead. Her only baby has been missing for too long and no where to be found. "What if she was dead?"but nooooo. She shakes her head at the thought and rebuked it. Asking God to bring her baby back to her.
  • Papa Ambrose with the policemen were having a conversation.
  • Policeman A: Mr. John,our investigation keeps getting to a dead end and you know that. No lead on your daughter's case,so we have to end our search.
  • Papa Ambrose:You can't do that to us officer,my daughter might be in danger or she is in danger. We have to continue the search.
  • (Author:Which daughter is in danger. Your daughter is chasing after love and chilling in a novel,hahaha)
  • Policeman B: We can't continue Mr. Ambrose but we assure you that if we get anything,we let you know.
  • ======
  • "What did they say?" Mama Ambrose asked
  • John Ambrose just sighed and pulled his wife into a hug. Mama Ambrose bursted into tears. Her husband didn't have to explain before she knows what is going to happen. Her poor little baby was lost. Her baby that she was planning a big eighteenth Birthday for was lost.
  • ====
  • Lian and her husband,Shen came to visit the Emperor,her father. They all sat down for a royal dinner within families. Jasmine kept staring at Shen because she didn't understand what Lian saw in him though. Commander Fu Cheng was more handsome even though Shen is but he doesn't even have a stand beside Cheng. He's someone that is just there. (That's to Jasmine tho, Shen is pretty but I admit Cheng is(ӦvӦ。)). Ha!he doesn't even know how to hold a gun. In the actual plot,when Cheng went to save Lian with Shen tagging him like a lost dog. He was handed a gun and when he saw it,he started to shiver. Fool.
  • "Min, stop staring,he's mine", Lian said and Jasmine bursted into laughter. This chicken actually talked to her. She didn't even spare her a glance but after catching her looking at her husband intensely,she reacted.
  • "What's funny Min?"
  • "Nothing,it just that when you said,I shouldn't stare he's yours,I thought it's a nonsense talk. He's not my type and everyone knows that. Why would I stare at a small fish when there is a bigger one!"
  • "Min",Lian called her name angrily.