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Chapter 5 Training

  • "Excuse me,Mr. Fen Shang but I'm here to train and not to chit chat. I don't know you so don't talk to me",I said to him with arrogance. He has always been a pain in the ass. Mina suffered in his hands. I thought that he liked her but nope,he didn't. He knew she liked Cheng and we'll wanted her to be with him but Fu Cheng never gave her a chance nor a glance. I don't want him to stress me at all.
  • Fen Shang looked at the little girl that stood in front of him and laughed at her statement, "she didn't know him?what?" he thought. "Min'er I wonder what side of the bed you woke on. you don't know me? but you know Fu Cheng",Shang said.
  • Jasmine narrowed her eyes at him,this dude will always be a pain in the ass. "Fu Cheng? ha!who doesn't know the commander hmm?Shang",I questioned him.
  • "Shang?it's brother Shang baby girl,let's train. Cheng will turn you into a great warrior".
  • Fen Shang took Jasmine/Min's hand and dragged her to where Fu Cheng was.
  • "Cheng,our little Min is here",Shang said. Cheng spared her only a glance and continued to discuss with his soldiers. Jasmine just stood there and stared at him. She is just seeing him this close for the first time. She knew he was hurting inside after Lian's marriage but he didn't show it. She wants him to not hurt again and she was going to make sure of that.
  • "Commander Fu",Jasmine called and he stared at her. One thing that surprised Shang was that Min always called Cheng,brother Cheng and followed him about when they were little. Everything just changed one day and no one knew what happened. He stopped talking to Min/Mina and turned cold towards her. But still,she followed him always in the shadows and though he knew he pretends as if he didn't know.
  • Jasmine looked at her crush,the one and only crush of ours. The one that made people make jest of her. One step to make him look at her is by stopping the clinginess. Mina role in the novel was to follow Cheng and be screaming brother Cheng up and down. She follows him mostly in shadows longing for him and sometimes he calls him out in the open but ahh!he never looked at her. She was like a plague. Even after knowing that what happened back then wasn't her fault,he never forgave her completely.
  • "Commander Fu...I will be training under you from now on so treat me well",Jasmine said and bowed.
  • Fu Cheng stared at the little girl in front of him,he has always pushed her away from him but her motive for
  • wanting to be a soldier was what he needs to know. "Min!this girl that wanted to destroy her sister's wedding so as to make her marry him. He knew she liked him but he liked her sister,so she decided to bring them together even though she was going to get hurt. But her actions didn't even move him. He hates her and would always",he said in his mind.
  • "Go stand over there and position yourself",Cheng said and pointed to his right where new recruits were positioned.
  • Jasmine went to where him pointed to and lots of yummy dudes were there.There were only two females there,she and a very pretty girl.
  • The training began and Fu Cheng was going to train the new recruits. They were going to make use of swords,knives,bow and arrows. They started by punching. Using their arms and later it was feets.
  • Jasmine thought they were learning Kong Fu. It was kinda hard. The stayed in a position for ten minutes. They were going to be warriors so the train was damn hard. It was just her first time and she felt like giving up but she wouldn't. To impress Cheng,she was willing to do everything.
  • After few hours of training,she headed home with her new friend,Nuan. Nuan's name was actually Nini. She liked Shang in the novel and she still does. Slapping her head,Jasmine said in her mind, "we are in the novel but a different era."
  • "Second commander Fen is so pretty",Nuan said. "His face is perfection. He's finer than Commander Fu."
  • "Wait,what?Shang is finer than Cheng?that's impossible",Jasmine said.
  • "To me,he is. Fu Cheng has a cold face and I dare not look at him for long to compare but still Shang is finer",said Nuan.
  • Jasmine just looked at her friend and asked her, "you like Shang?".Even though she knew Nuan always liked Shang she still decided to ask.
  • "Is it obvious?"asked Nuan
  • "Very."
  • "I joined because of him,to see his face everyday is enough even if I can't have him",stated Nuan.
  • "Should I tell you a secret?"mumbled Jasmine
  • "What is it?"inquired Nuan
  • "I joined because of Cheng!"
  • "What?like seriously?you know he likes Princess Lian",Nuan said.
  • "I know,she's married so be has to move on and I will be the one he was like next",stared Jasmine.
  • They both went their separate ways afterwards. Jasmine decided to get a hairpin and she went out with the guards following her from behind.
  • After paying for her hairpin,she heard someone call her.
  • "Min."
  • After training,Cheng and Shang decided to visit their friend and on their way was when Shang sighted Jasmine and called her out, "Min."
  • Fu Cheng just stared at the girl and didn't say a word to her after they got to where she was. He simply wondered why Shang had to call her. They could have just been going to their destination and not calling the little princess that looked so pale and white. She looked tired and it wasn't as if he cared but he looked as if the training made her tired.
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