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Chapter 4 Damn, I'm In A Novel!

  • "How sad! I wasn't suppose to play the role of Mina at all. Like damn!I'm in a novel and I'm suppose to play myself written note. Just me being myself and not playing Mina's role. Fu Cheng never spared Mina a glance at all. So what will I do?if I were playing my Jasmine self,I could at least try somethings but....and this olden days era isn't even in the story. The storyline is still the same except this era and me playing Mina's role." Jasmine muttered to herself and sighed.
  • The wedding ceremony finally began as the people with great status merged into the wide decorated field. But Jasmine doesn't give two fucks about them. Fu Cheng,was who she was waiting for. She though stared at all of them and laughed. They were all fictional characters and now she's one of them. We can't recognize any of the people that came in cause,the way she imagined every character defers from the way they appeared. Lian's mother,Jia was damn beautiful. Fine,she imagined someone pretty but the way she came out to be made her speechless. She hasn't even seen Lian,the bride.
  • As she kept thinking,the sound of drums brought her out of her thoughts. Other Instruments were played until the bride and the groom came in.
  • "Ah! how pretty Lian was. How nice it would have been to have a pretty sister." Jasmine said. "Everyone in here has a Chinese look or should I say an Asian look but I don't and they ain't questioning me. It's a novel though so whatever",said Jasmine in her mind.
  • The wedding commenced and Fu Cheng hasn't arrived yet. The bride and groom already exchanged their jade rings and crossed hands to drink tea. Such a beautiful sight to behold.
  • "I turned my head to my side and behold the person I was waiting for arrived. I knew I could recognise him in a glance and I did. He came in all white. Damn!a beauty is what he is. Im still wondering why Lian never loved him. He's such a spec. A damsel I should call him. Like the description of the author didn't fail",mumbled Jasmine to herself.
  • After the whole boring ceremony,Jasmine decided to head to bed. She made up my mind to join the soldiers the next day. Commander Fu,her love,the one she wants and will have will be at the training ground always. She can talk to him then.
  • =======
  • Outside of the novel- *Fu Cheng's Love*,Mama Ambrose had cried the life out of herself. Papa Ambrose too but he decides to be strong for his wife and not give up on the search of their daughter.
  • Mimi,on the other hand starts to reflect on her actions. Was it the words she said to Jasmine that made her disappear?. Everyone were worried sick. The police continued their search and still lead to dead end. Three days passed by already and still no sign of Jasmine. The outside world time was faster than the novel. It was just a day in the novel but out here it's been three days,three fucking days and Jasmine was yet to be found.
  • The CCTV camera in the area showed Jasmine entered the house and there was no sign of her coming out. No back door or else we would have said she went through there. Her parents were so stressed out but they weren't going to give up.
  • On the other hand, Jasmine was on the bed thinking of what she would say to Cheng the next morning. She hasn't even told her Mother...."oh shit,"Jasmine shouted and jolted up immediately. "Mom,she would have been so worried. How many days would have gone outside the novel",she wondered
  • She knew her mother would have cried her eyes out and will still be crying,her Mother is the emotional type. Her sweet mom.
  • ....
  • The next morning,Jasmine joined her new family for breakfast. After they ate,she decided to drop the bomb.
  • "I want to join the soldiers Emperor",she said and bowed
  • "Emperor?"her father asked
  • Jasmine wondered what was wrong with the old man. Wasn't he an Emperor.
  • When she didn't say anything Emperor Luhan spoke, "Call me Father,Im your Father. And you can't join the soldiers to train cause a princess doesn't do such."
  • "That's what I want Father",Jasmine said. It seemed as if the Emperor favours her.
  • "Fine but Commander Fu shall guide you. I don't want you to get injured. You are my pride."
  • "Commander Fu will guide me?I'm so happy!" Jasmine said and jumped up in happiness.
  • "Because he's guiding you doesn't mean you should try something funny. He doesn't like you and after the stunt you tried to pull,all I can say is he hates you more",he said and dismissed Jasmine.
  • The dress she was going to wear was delivered to her roomand she worn it without the help of the maids who wanted to. She stood in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection. She stilled looked the same. She has always been pretty and calm but right now it's going to be "pretty and wild",that's it.
  • She got to the training centre and saw lots of soldiers training. She stared at them all and was damn shocked!. "How the heck could all of them looked of eatable?" she questioned herself.
  • "Min",shouted someone and distracted her from her thoughts. She stared at the beauty that came to her.
  • He gave her a cocky smile and said "you want to train or.."he didn't finish his sentence cause he knew she was going to understand.
  • Jasmine looked at him and asked, "what's your name?". His feature was similar to a character but she wasn't sure.
  • "My name? Min,you don't know me again?" he said and laughed before he answered, "Fen shang."
  • "Ohh,Fen Shang. He's Fu Cheng's bestie. This ice-cream in front of me is handsome but nahhh,Cheng is Prettier,manly,more handsome than him. And his too playful,always making fun of Mina and me."VV