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Together Forever

Together Forever


Update: 2022-05-11

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • My name is Bella Richmond, I came from a very wealthy family, the daughter of Henry Richmond and Evelyn Richmond the owner and CEO of Richmond enterprises.
  • I'm the only child of my parents which makes me the heir to the company.
  • My parents are in Nigeria with my dad acting as the CEO in the headquarters while I take over our branch here in the States.
  • I have a fiancee and his name is Gary Jackson, he just proposed to me few days ago and that was the happiest moment of my life.
  • I really just hope everything keep going on fine cause I deserve to be happy, I deserve some good things in my life.
  • I'm Frank Nelson and I live here in the states my parents are in Nigeria while I came here for one reason which is to have fun.
  • I should leave the details about my family for now but not to worry, it will be revealed very soon.
  • So let's know more about me, I'm a fun guy actually you can call me a Playboy or whatever I don't care.
  • Some people do refer me as a gigolo but I'm not, a gigolo is a man paid to have sex with the opposite sex.
  • There's no week that passed that I won't have a new lady by my side, I only repeat ladies only if I have no choice.
  • I've been a Playboy from a very early stage but I really don't have a specific reason for being one just that I love it.
  • Playboys don't fall in love so I really don't have anyone I care about but not until I started working at Richmond enterprises.
  • The only lady that caught my eyes is my boss, she's beautiful and she's everything I want in a woman.
  • She's the first lady I'd have a crush on, anytime I'm in her presence I became shy and vulnerable.
  • I can't even look into her eyes, I would've approach her but everyone knows of me and my sex act.
  • Yeah, I didn't keep it hidden so everyone in the company knows and no one judge, infact most of the ladies are the ones throwing themselves at me.
  • I flirt around in the company and even though they knew of me being a sex addict but it's just not possible for them to resist me.
  • Yeah, I'm saying this and proud to say it that I'm dangerously handsome, it's actually one of the reason I have so many girls.
  • Some men in the company refused to bring their wife to the company for them not to fall for victim but nah, I don't do married woman.
  • Also if I noticed you're in a good relationship I won't try to disrupt it cause that's one of the things I hate most.
  • I don't know why my charm don't work on the boss cause I never caught her admiring me which is why I never even try.
  • One of the reason she and I didn't have a problem is that, I helped the company to secure so many contracts.
  • It's more like they are using me, it's because most of our clients are females, so they sent me as the Director to secure the deal, and because of my looks it makes them unable to say no to our proposal.
  • My boss can be strict at times and everyone was scared of her infact I am also scared, she can be bossy sometimes.
  • Bella's POV
  • I woke up to the sound of my alarm as it blares loudly into my ears and I reluctantly get up from bed.
  • Ah, it's morning already?. gosh I yawned a little then I went straight to the bathroom to have my bath.
  • Few minutes later I came out and got dressed, do some make over to brighten my face. I checked myself in the mirror and after that I  went out of my room to the living room.
  • " Good morning ma'am" the maid greeted as I go to the living room.
  • " Good morning, Lily" I replied.
  • " Breakfast is ready" she said.
  • " Oh that's good" I said then went to the dining table to have it.
  • " Is my driver here?" I asked.
  • " Yes... he's outside" she replied. " That's great" I said then pick up a spoon and started eating.
  • Few minutes later, I grabbed my bag and went out, I saw the driver by the car and he opened the door for me.
  • " Morning ma'am" he greeted.
  • " Morning Andrew" I answered then I entered the car and he drove off.
  • Frank's POV
  • I opened my eyes groggily as the ray of light shines through my eyes, I realised it's morning already.
  • I turned then see a naked body on the bed and I smiled remembering the sexual event that took place.
  • I wrapped my hands around her and cups her cleavage to feel her up and she made a soft moans.
  • The girl on the bed right now has been on my radar for some time now, we've only been flirting with each other but I decided not to go further cause she had a boyfriend.
  • Yeah, they broke up and when she told me the news I couldn't be more happier then I made my move immediately. 
  • Last night was pretty intense, I can't believe this girl can be that wide and energetic, remembering the event is arousing me all over again.
  • I took my phone to check the time and I got the shock of my life which cause me to sprang up immediately.
  • ' oh God, I'm late' I shouted shocked then sprang up and turn to the girl.
  • ' hey, wake up it's morning, I have to go to work' I said to the girl who just wiggled then I dash to the bathroom immediately.
  • I can't believe I slept that long, that must be the result of the wide night we had.
  • I didn't waste much time in the bathroom then I came out naked and went to my closet to dress.
  • I picked out a shirt and trouser then I turned to aee the girl still on the bed.
  • " Hey Clara, if you don't have anywhere to go well I do... so do me a favour and get your fat ass off that bed'' I said and she stood up reluctantly.
  • " you didn't tell me you will be going out, I thought you and I will be here all day" she said.
  • " Uh?... why would you think that way... only a jobless person will tell you something like that" I said putting on my tie.
  • " I was even thinking we'll have a morning romp seems like it's not gonna happen" she said coming closer to me.
  • " Sorry to disappoint you but you need to put on some clothes" I said fastening my shoes lace.
  • " Can we just have a quickie before you go.... it's not gonna take time" she said rubbing her hands over my body.
  • 'what?... Are you kidding me.
  • " Now I know you're sent by my enemies in Nigeria to ruin my life, by the time I'm done dressing i expect you to be dressed as well cause if not I'll throw you out like that" I said sternly.
  • " You're joking right?" She asked . " You wanna find out?" I countered.
  • " But I haven't have my bath yet?" She said but I ignored her and she quickly went to get her clothes and started putting it on.
  • " You're crazy Frankie.... you cant just treat me like some hooker... f**k you" she Cursed.
  • " I'm sorry Love, you can't blame me, I don't joke with my Job" I said standing up ready to go.
  • " Are you ready?... or you want me to help you out?" I said heading to the door and she quickly rushed out.
  • I locked my door and went to my car then ignited the car and drove out.