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Chapter 7 Come rain, come sunshine

  • Never ever get your choir director upset if you already lied to him once. I’m learning that the hard way. And Dad can’t help me in this case.
  • Dinner is a tense affair. Calum is seated beside me. Dad and Dani are on the other side of the table. I roll the spaghetti around my fork, half-waiting for Dad to say something in my defence or use his position as principal so Calum rethinks my punishment.
  • “Calum,” Dad finally says. I try not to get too excited but a grin spreads to my lips. Dani catches my eyes and looks away but I see her smile before it disappears. “Don’t you think Cathy’s punishment is too harsh? Maybe reduce it to a week or two?”
  • My stepbrother takes a bite from his dinner, then drops his fork on the plate. He clasps his hands on the table and levels Dad with a look that might have gotten me into trouble if I did the same.
  • “Would you appreciate it if someone told you how to do your job?” Too low. Too fucking low. Dad raises his hands in surrender and my heart dips to my stomach. Dani doesn’t look up from her food and the sinking realisation hits me. I am alone in this. “Thank you, Pete. And no, it is not too harsh.” Stepbrother dearest cuts me a side glance. “If she’s willing to disrespect her teacher and her mates, she should be willing to accept the consequences. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Right?”
  • “Right,” Dad says with a sad look thrown my way.
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