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Chapter 24 Did they kiss?

  • Did they kiss? Did it end at lips touching? 
  • The stadium is as crowded as my mind, with wild thoughts and theories of what might have happened with the two teachers after we left. If I’m right, Miss Gates is twenty-eight. Calum is twenty-one. Our relationship, should that ever happen, is more okay than theirs will ever be. 
  • Rose and I meander through the crowd to find a seat. Taylor waves and points at two empty seats we rush to occupy. I sink in the seat with relief. 
  • “What took you two so long?” Taylor asks. Rose answers on our behalf while I stay mute. “Have you seen Ryan?” Rose giggles. I wish I wasn’t sitting between two of them so they didn’t have to lean forward to talk. Taylor nods to the other end of the stadium where the players are. “He’s there.”
  • Rose follows her gaze to the terrace where some boys from our school are seated and I seize that chance to look for my stepbrother. What if he changed his mind and took Miss Gates home? Not to our house but hers. I hear she has a fancy house in one of those popular estates and she stays alone. 
  • The field goes quiet as the cheerleaders of the other team troop in. The other part of the field erupts in a cheer. Whistles blow. Claps and hoots ripple through the stadium. They finish their routine and Carlton’s High cheerleaders take over. I push two fingers into my mouth and blow aggressively when Amelia walks in with the other cheerleaders. She is graceful in her uniform. I don’t stop clapping until they finish. 
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