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Chapter 15 Boys Code

  • I’m preparing for school on Monday morning when someone knocks. My first thought is to check whoever is at the door till my eyes catch the new post on Girls Code open on my screen. 
  • I tilt the screen of my laptop so it won’t be visible to whoever is at the door when I open up. “Who’s that?” 
  • “Calum,” my stepbrother answers, followed by another knock. “Are you ready for school?” 
  • That’s weird. Amelia or Dad is usually my ride to school. I shuffle to the door and wrench it open. Calum’s lips part in a silent curse and I lower my gaze to my chest to see what he’s seeing. Oh. Blush rushes to my cheeks. My breasts are almost spilling out of my black lacy bra. The top is on the bed.
  • Again, it’s not deliberate but I make no effort to cover up. Instead, I fold my arms under my boobs, pushing them up to catch more of his attention. Calum slides his hands into his pockets and my cheeks redden at the indecent thought that sneaks into my mind. I lean on the door, using that opportunity to size him up. 
  • He’s dressed as casually as he always has since he moved here. Jeans matched with a shirt that hides his tattoo. I’m still yet to know what the date tattoo means. He doesn’t fully understand what mine means so I guess it’s fair to both of us. 
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