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Chapter 10 A deal

  • Shock stops Amelia from acting fast. She shifts gears but it’s too late to do anything, so we are forced to stay put. I try to play it off with a smile but my heart is in my throat. Sweat breaks out on my forehead as Calum’s car slows to a stop directly beside ours. I look away. We are in big trouble.
  • “Are you stalking me?” he asks, still in his car.
  • This is our chance to race out of here. Calum slams his door shut and storms towards my side. No. I’m not the one driving. He should face Amelia. He wrenches the passenger door open.
  • “Get out of the car.”
  • I plant my foot firmly on the car floor. “No.”
  • “Well, I asked nicely.”
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