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Chapter 15: L A D O U L E U R E X Q U I S E 2

  • Eunae felt her heart crack as she eventually let her mask slipped away. Her shoulders relentlessly shook as she tried to suppress her whimpers.
  • Looking at him, she placed the tip of her nose against his as she finally let him go with the last tears in her eyes and last beam on her lips. "That's why I'm letting you go, I'm finally letting you go. I hope you find your happiness, Yunoh. And by the time you do, I want you to take a hold of it, and don't ever let it go."
  • Removing her hands on his face, she dragged her luggage and went for the door. To the freedom she had been wanting for. But before she could even twist the knob, she quickly looked back at him as he tugged her wrist. He held it ever so tightly almost as if he did not want to let it go.
  • To her surprise, Eunae watched as tears continuously streamed down his face. His teardrops stained the floor and his plump lips trembled restlessly, while gazing at her with eyes that she could not read.
  • Sighing, she removed his hand before giving him the smile she had always given him when they were still the best of friends who lonely fought against the world, "You don't have to worry, I've already called my lawyer to expedite the divorce papers. You might receive it in a few days. Goodbye, Yunoh."
  • The car ride back to her condominium unit was quiet. She never, even for once, heard Eunha speak ever since they left the house. And at the same time, Eunae could not bring herself to speak to her nor even look at her. She did not want to see the disappointment in her mother's face-at least not for now.
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