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Chapter 14: L A D O U L E U R E X Q U I S E

  • L A D O U L E U R E X Q U I S E
  • (French) (n.) the exquisite pain of wanting the affection of someone you know you can never have
  • .
  • Walking to the place she called home for the last two years, Eunae tried to memorize very detail it held. She was not expecting that having a good long look could give a myriad of flashbacks that stirred her from within. It was a combination of the good ones and the bad ones-probably everything she never knew that would eventually lead to where they were now.
  • Time surely flies, and it flies fast.
  • Gulping the lump on her throat, Eunae could easily recognize the voices echoing from the inside. They sounded familiar-too familiar as a matter of fact that she could even somehow picture how they looked as they talked.
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