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Chapter 10: C W T C H 2

  • "A-ah, I think I-I have to go-"
  • "Don't leave, Nana, Riri sad," the little girl cut her off, placing her little fingers above his hand, seemingly sealing it for her not to leave.
  • Conflicted, Eunae subtly nibbled her lower lip and internally contemplated. She surely wanted to run away and never see them again, but at the same time, she did not want to leave the little girl who stayed by her side, while pain engulfed her whole.
  • She did not want to be an ass by leaving them abruptly after benefiting from their kind acts. She was not the kind of person Yunoh had always thought of-she was not, and she did not want to be the manipulative bitch he had tagged her as.
  • Slumping back on the sand, Eunae finally made her choice. She sat comfortably beside the two strangers, who were having triumphant smiles painting their lips.
  • "Yehey! Nana stay!"
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