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Chapter 6 Do Not Bully My Mommy

  • Having her past brought up in front of everyone, including her future son-in-law, was beyond humiliating, especially for an elder like Shen Hongmei.
  • “Mucong, I have served the family wholeheartedly ever since your late wife died, and I never mistreated Min Qing. But now, not only has she forgotten everything I’ve done for her, she’s even blaming me for driving her mother to death.”
  • Shen Hongmei’s expression changed instantly. Earlier on, she behaved like a notorious shrew and called Lingrui a bastard child. But now, she looked as though her feelings had been hurt.
  • Tearing up on a whim, she cried miserably. "Min Qing, it’s fine if you resent me, but don’t hate on Shan’er. She’s innocent. Besides, Anzhou left you because you were too promiscuous. What kind of man would let his wife fool around and offer to raise an illegitimate child?"
  • “Shan’er and Anzhou’s feelings for each other are real. They’ve loved each other ever since their college days. If it weren’t for you, Anzhou would’ve already married Shan’er six years ago. Now that they’re finally getting their happy ending, please don’t mess up their relationship. I’m begging you.”
  • With just a brief speech, all the blame was shifted on Min Qing.
  • The other guests initially criticized Shen Hongmei for being a shameless mistress, but now some of them were calling Min Qing an ungrateful, scheming woman.
  • Meanwhile, He Anzhou remained expressionless. Every word that Shen Hongmei said was like a needle piercing into his heart.
  • Seeing Min Qing protecting that illegitimate child made him feel like the biggest cuckold in the world. Everyone was mocking him.
  • He Anzhou reached out to pull Min Shan’er into his arms. “It’s over between us, Min Qing. I can never forgive you, even if you kneel and beg me.”
  • Min Qing was shaking with anger. She couldn’t believe how shameless these people were.
  • “Shen Hongmei, it’s a shame that you never pursued a career as an actress. You would’ve made it big,” she said, causing the elderly woman to pale in rage.
  • She then turned to He Anzhou. “You’re too full of yourself. I don’t want a worn-out shoe like you when you’ve already been used by Min Shan’er.”
  • Without waiting for Shen Hongmei and He Anzhou to react, Min Lingrui spoke in his mother’s defense.
  • “You old witch and evil man! Don’t pick on my mommy. I’m not an illegitimate child. My dad’s the strongest hero on earth. If he finds out that you’re bullying my mommy, he’ll...” The little boy paused for a moment. “He’ll make you go bankrupt! You won’t be able to survive!”
  • The boy looked adorable, even when he was sullen. The crowd laughed in unison.
  • Kids would always say the darndest things. Even if the little boy was just bluffing, the adults found his protective behavior toward his mother adorable.
  • Min Qing held her son in shock. When did this little rascal learn to brag?
  • But deep down, it warmed her heart.
  • Shen Hongmei’s face instantly changed to that of a witch upon being called one. “Who are you calling an old witch, you bastard?”
  • Min Shan’er immediately chimed in, “Who’s your dad? Why don’t you tell us?”
  • “Look at how handsome I am. Do you think you deserve to know who my dad is, you evil woman?” Min Lingrui responded haughtily.
  • The smart child instantly refuted Min Shan’er.
  • Taking a good look at his face, Min Shan’er couldn’t deny that the child really looked good. He was more handsome and adorable than those child actors seen on TV.
  • She thought she had sold Min Qing’s virginity to an average Joe or some unsightly looking old man. How could the child end up looking so good?
  • Even the crowd surrounding them felt the gods favored Min Lingrui.
  • But why does this child look so familiar? It was as though she had seen this face on a billionaire-ranking magazine.
  • Min Shan’er said unhappily, “The fact that you dare not reveal your father's identity shows how much of a loser he is, not to mention that he left your mother after messing around with her. You poor, ignorant child. To think you’re still trying to speak up for a piece of trash like your father.”
  • “No, my dad isn’t trash. He’s a hero.” Min Lingrui kept his head held high.
  • Just then, a man entered the crowd’s gaze. He exuded an air of respect, and that handsome face was comparable to a lead character from a comic book.
  • “Hello, Mr. Ji. Here are the keys to your presidential suite,” the manager said with a smile.
  • Everyone stared at Ji Fuchen in shock, then turned to look at Min Lingrui’s face. They looked so similar that the little boy was like a miniature Ji Fuchen.
  • The child wasn’t lying. His father was the most powerful man in R City—the president of Ji Group, whose authority no one dared question—Ji Fuchen.