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Chapter 2 Truth

  • “Min Shan’er, how shameless can you be to do such a thing while I’m pregnant? Instead of feeling guilty, you’re asking me to let the two of you be together?” Min Qing was beyond disgust and livid. Her belly hurt even more. With a pale face, she clutched her belly as her legs trembled.
  • He Anzhou wanted to get up to help her, but Min Shan’er held onto him. She dropped her facade and put on a face full of hatred, screaming, “Let me tell you the truth, Min Qing. The child you’re pregnant with isn’t even He Anzhou’s. It’s a bastard child!”
  • Min Qing froze. “No. It can’t be...”
  • “If you don’t believe me, you can ask An—”
  • “Be quiet, Min Shan’er!” That incident from nine months ago was all part of a well-orchestrated plan. He Anzhou didn’t expect that Min Shan’er would reveal this matter, but at that moment, he didn’t bother asking how much she knew. He just wanted her to shut up.
  • “Did I say something wrong, Anzhou? You’ve done so much for her, but what did she do? She fooled around outside and got herself pregnant with a filthy bastard! She doesn’t deserve you.”
  • He Anzhou fell silent. To Min Qing, his silence was a bolt from the blue. It was proof that what Min Shan’er had said was true.
  • Min Qing’s mind went blank. Her entire body was like an ice cellar, feeling cold from head to toe.
  • As her belly hurt again, she felt warm liquid flowing out of her. Blood stained the lower half of her nightgown.
  • The cell phone suddenly rang.
  • Min Shan’er grabbed He Anzhou’s phone from the side of the bed. “It’s from Mrs. He,” she said delightfully.
  • He Anzhou reached out to grab the phone from Min Shan’er. The call connected with a swipe of his thumb.
  • “Come back now, Mr. Zhou. Your father is having another heart attack. Hurry and take him to the hospital!” Mrs. He’s frantic voice came from the other end.
  • “Don’t panic, Mom. I’ll head there right away.” He Anzhou hung up the phone solemnly.
  • “Don’t go, He Anzhou. I’m begging you. At least get someone to take me to the hospital first,” Min Qing pleaded. No matter who this child belonged to, her blood flowed through it. She was determined to give birth to it.
  • Min Qing reached out to clutch He Anzhou’s leg. The sight of the bloody mess terrified her. Throwing all her pride out the window, she begged, “If you take me to the hospital, I promise to divorce you. I’ll give you and Min Shan’er my blessing.”
  • “How selfish can you be, Min Qing? Your child is nothing but a bastard. How can you compare it to Mr. He? Anzhou, hurry and return to your father! I’ll take my sister to the hospital.”
  • “You don’t have to. When I’m done sending my father, I’ll come back for her.” Having said that, He Anzhou kicked Min Qing’s hand away and strode out of the room.
  • Min Qing collapsed on the ground as her heart went cold at He Anzhou’s words. The He family home was a 20-minute drive from here. If the man came back only after taking care of his father, would the child inside her still be alive?
  • With all the blood she was losing, two lives would be lost if she didn’t get to the hospital on time.
  • Min Qing gritted her teeth and got off the ground with much hardship. She didn’t believe Min Shan’er would take her to the hospital.
  • She could only rely on herself.
  • Clutching her belly, Min Qing strenuously walked outside to return to her room and call emergency services using her phone.
  • At this moment, Min Shan’er had already gotten dressed and was following closely behind.
  • “The hospital’s too far, Min Qing. Why don’t I send the afterlife?”
  • A wicked smile crept across Min Shan’er’s face. With a lift of her leg, she gave Min Qing a hard kick on her backside.
  • In the blink of an eye, Min Qing lost her balance and tumbled down the stairs. Her head spun and landed on the corner of a step. She instantly knew what Min Shan’er had done to her.
  • As Min Qing’s grief and hatred grew, the severe pain crushed her entire body.
  • The flight of stairs was now stained with blood.