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Chapter 15 Those Who Are Incapable Rely On Sweet Talking

  • Ms. Min Qing?
  • Jiang Jie was dumbstruck. Didn’t Ms. Min Qing die six years ago? Wasn’t that why Min Shan’er took over the company?
  • Jiang Jie paled in fright. It took her so much effort to get her director position, and the pay was good. If they fired her, her high mortgage fees would pose a problem.
  • “I was wrong, Ms. Min Qing. I was foolish for not recognizing you and for talking to you like that. I hope you won’t take what I’ve said to heart. I’ve worked here for three years and really treasure this job. It’s also because I take this job seriously that I spoke to you like that.”
  • Jiang Jie really knew how to bend over backwards. She immediately played the victim card once she knew who Min Qing was.
  • Jiang Ya turned toward Min Qing without a word.
  • GK belonged to Min Qing; she had the final say in who could stay or leave.
  • “How long have you been a director?” Min Qing asked.
  • Jiang Jie stilled for a moment, not knowing why Min Qing would ask such a question.
  • “Two years,” she answered honestly.
  • Min Qing suddenly snorted and said nonchalantly, “So you got yourself promoted to Director of the Design Department after working here for over a year? You must be extremely capable, or you’re just good at sweet-talking your way up.”
  • The mention of sweet-talking triggered Jiang Jie. When someone once accused her of buttering her superiors up, she had used underhanded methods to get that person fired. Eventually, anyone who was hired into the company would follow her every instruction. They could be less competent, but that was fine as long as they didn’t threaten or talk about her behind her back.
  • Min Qing continued with even harsher words, “Ever since I entered this room, I saw how arrogant you were toward your subordinates and those you thought of as normal people. Then, you immediately began worshipping me the moment you found out who I am. You’re the type who carries fire in one hand and water in the other, and I despise people like you most. Those who are incapable rely on sweet-talking others.”
  • Jiang Ya let out a chortle. Min Qing was exactly right. Jiang Jie was so exceptional at buttering Min Shan’er up that the latter left the entire design department to her. Even when Jiang Jie had caused a few major screw-ups, Min Shan’er could never bear to replace her with someone else.
  • Several employees from the design department tried their best to stifle their laughter, not daring to laugh out loud as Jiang Ya did.
  • Having Min Qing talk to her this way in front of other staff members really humiliated Jiang Jie. In addition to Jiang Ya laughing at her, it was more than she could handle.
  • She cried, “Ms. Min Qing, how can you say that? Even if I’ve offended you, you don’t have to get back at me like this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like me; I only need Ms. Min Shan’er’s acknowledgement. You want to fire me? It’s not going to be that easy. I only obey Ms. Min, and I’ll never leave GK unless she tells me to!”
  • Jiang Jie turned and left the room in tears.
  • Jiang Ya frowned. She still won’t leave after being spoken of this way? How shameless can she be?
  • He cast a rather worrisome glance at Min Qing. Jiang Jie is a rotten apple in GK. GK will never get better with her around. Now that Qing has openly confronted Jiang Jie, this rotten apple will surely plot against Qing.
  • Min Qing looked calm. She didn’t expect her return to GK to be this smooth. Making an example of Jiang Jie was the first step; she wanted to let every employee who didn’t know her understand who the true owner of GK Fashionista was.
  • Jiang Jie hid inside the restroom to give Min Shan’er a phone call. After explaining that had happened this morning, Min Shan’er praised Jiang Jie for doing the right thing.
  • Jiang Jie let out a sigh of relief and said viciously, “Ms. Min, there’s something I have to say even if I shouldn’t. Someone as petty as Min Qing should have just died six years ago. Look how well GK is doing under your management. This woman comes back and instantly overlooks all the effort you’ve put into the company, then makes an example out of me. Trying to kick me out isn’t a big deal; what she really wants is to take back this company.”