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Chapter 13 You Have No Right

  • Min Qing felt moved upon seeing his reddened eyes.
  • She met Jiang Ya when she took over the company. Back then, Jiang Ya was still in college, but he was different from other college students. He was extremely hardworking and would often stay back to work overtime with her until late at night.
  • Eventually, Jiang Ya finished college while Min Qing was pregnant. On the day he officially began working for GK Fashionista, Min Qing handed him 10% of the company’s shares.
  • Because Jiang Ya was capable and had a good attitude, he was worthy of holding the shares.
  • Jiang Ya was the person Min Qing trusted most in GK Fashionista.
  • Min Qing told Jiang Ya everything that had happened six years ago.
  • “He Anzhou and Min Shan’er aren’t human at all. They’re dogs! Qing, let’s report them to the police and give Min Shan’er the justice she deserves for committing murder.” Jiang Ya’s eyes were red with anger.
  • “It’s no use. We have no proof. Even if they left behind any evidence, it’s been six years. Min Shan’er would’ve destroyed everything.”
  • Jiang Ya shook with rage. “So are we just going to let a murderer walk away scot-free?”
  • “No. I’ll make her pay back everything she’s done to me,” Min Qing said calmly with a flicker in her eyes. “For now, I need your help. I want the company my mother left behind back in my hands.”
  • “Alright, Qing. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it,” Jiang Ya said with no hesitation.
  • Min Qing felt touched. She really had chosen the right person from the beginning.
  • The next day.
  • After taking care of Lingrui, Min Qing arrived at GK Fashionista. Her guilt intensified as she gazed upon the familiar name.
  • This was the company that her mother had dedicated her life to. But Min Qing had failed to protect it well, which was why it was now in the hands of a murderer.
  • Min Qing composed herself. The moment she set foot into the rotating glass door of GK Fashionista, her aura transformed completely. It was as though a queen had returned to her throne.
  • “I have three points to make for today’s morning meeting. First, we will hold the Autumn Fashion Week on the 16th this month. There’ll be a live broadcast. I hope you’ll grasp every minute and finish up the clothes for the contest.
  • “Second, I’ve said this many times, but you’re not allowed to take on private jobs while working for GK. If you want to make a living out of taking private orders and making mediocre clothes, get out of GK and work for those streetwear companies. GK is on the forefront of fashion. We tailor outfits for celebrities and R City’s noblewomen.
  • “The third and final issue, which is what pisses me off most. Who made Mrs. Fang’s outfit?”
  • Jiang Jie was just having a morning meeting with the team. Just as she was about to lose it at the mention of Mrs. Fang’s dress, someone opened the door to the meeting room without knocking and walked right in.
  • It was Min Qing.
  • Seeing how plainly Min Qing was dressed, Jiang Jie thought this young, beautiful woman had just finished college and was here to apply for a position as a designer.
  • “Do you not have any manners? Did your mom never tell you to knock before entering someone else’s office?” Jiang Jie raged at Min Qing. “What are you standing there for? Get out of here! GK will never hire someone who doesn’t even have any basic manners.”
  • Min Qing’s beautiful face turned cold upon looking at this unfamiliar face. Looks like anyone Min Shan’er hires shares her personality. They sure love involving people’s mothers when yelling at someone.
  • Min Qing hated people like Jiang Jie the most.
  • “You have no right to ask me to get out,” Min Qing responded while striding in like she owned the place. She then pulled out one of the leather office chairs and took a seat. “Call Min Shan’er and tell her to come over.”