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Chapter 9

  • The sweetness of the milk rolled over Aria's tongue as she slowly savoured it. Her eyes squinting from the comfortable warmth wrapping around her body as she snuggled further into Basil's arms.
  • Basil patiently waited for Aria to get comfortable first before continuing on, "as you've already guessed, this is strongly tied to our origin."
  • Basil's eyes looked empty as he stared into space as if seeing something from the past. His deep voice slightly hypnotic, uncovering a story veiled in mystery for a long time. A tale that ordinary humans couldn't ever hope to comprehend.
  • "Our species has no name, but we were given many names by humans: spirits, demonic beings, guardians, ghosts. Spirits do indeed exist in your world. However, we're different from the spirit that exists after their life as a human ends. Unlike them, who can only linger until their time is up, we have a lifespan and also none at all. Once we come into existence, we will never die. We are also much more powerful, it can be said that we can do many things yet also nothing.
  • Like humans, each one of us possesses different personalities. Where some are quiet and low key, some thrives in chaos. It is our personalities that determines what we choose to do with the power we were born with. We could choose not to use our capabilities or use it for protection or to harm someone, some even use it to play pranks. In the group that chooses to harm, they are the type that's willing to exchange anything to reach their goal. More often than not, the means used to get there are perceived as demonic from a human's perspective.
  • But one thing about our species is that we are all originally born with only half a core, we have what you call a fated partner that holds the other half. And whether we meet our other half or not is entirely up to fate. Even with deliberate searching, is it not easy to gain the fortune of finding their other half. That's just how difficult it is.
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