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Chapter 8

  • Under the soft morning light, at the entrance of a busy train station, stood a lone woman. A slight blush dusted her cheeks, and her eyes shone brightly from anticipation and excitement. From time to time, her eyes would dart back to the massive flow of people entering and leaving the station, a heavy indication that she is waiting for someone.
  • The way she stood stiffly and her posture as proper as it can be looked endearingly adorable in the eyes of the people passing by. The nervous fiddling of her fingers further solidified the image of an innocent young girl in love. Combined with her attractive appearance, several unsavoury men were beginning to linger around her when one of them moved first.
  • "Hi! You waiting for someone?"
  • The young woman turned her head only to see an unfamiliar young man, and her demeanour instantly cooled to indifference. She turned her eyes back to face the street, watching people walk by, and promptly ignored the stranger.
  • Despite being given the cold shoulder, the stranger still did not give up.
  • "Don't be so cold, I'm waiting for someone too. How about we keep each other company while we wait? I'll pay."
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