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Chapter 54

  • I furrowed my brows while I took the paper bags from her hands.
  • "Dr. Mia would like you to be there at her garden wedding this afternoon."
  • I froze in my seat, unprepared to take the big blow. Sean and Mia are getting married today? Why hasn't she told me about it? Is she afraid to break the news to me because I am sick?
  • I felt a lump sticking in my throat, summoning the floodgates of tears behind my eyes to open up. I chuckled loudly, but my tears trickled endlessly that I couldn't brush them enough with the back of my index fingers.
  • "Look, Dr. Red, the garden is already ready," the nurse said as she walked towards the glass wall, peeping through the narrow slits between the curtains.
  • I jumped off the bed after a while then sauntered towards the glass wall. A beautiful flower garden greeted my eyes, and there were rows of chairs and tables indeed, wrapped in cream and burgundy pleated skirts.
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