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Chapter 53

  • "Thanks, God! You're finally awake!"
  • I shut my eyes back when the blinding light of the sun entered my eyes. I then opened them slowly until I got adjusted to the glare. I stared at the woman who stood by the bedside, brushing the tears in her eyes with the back of her hand.
  • "Mia?" I exclaimed, my eyes glowed at the sight of my rival in my love for Sean.
  • "Why are you here?"
  • Her lips trembled right away, and her eyes welled with tears. "You scared us so much, especially Sean. I got so worried that he might not be able to handle his grief."
  • I furrowed my brows as I gathered back my thoughts on what happened before I drifted off to sleep. The ache on my back, the muscle pain, and my grogginess told me I had been in bed for days. Then, I remembered I was running after Sean and ended on escaping from the president through the cave. And I recalled everything that followed after that. A bronco bug bit me, and Philip's voice was the last thing I heard before I got unconscious.
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