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Chapter 51

  • The manager gestured with his hand to let me follow him to the elevator. Once we were there, he took me to the seventh floor. He waited until I stepped out before he came up by my side. Then he led me to a room at the end corner of the floor. It had mechanical locks that seemed difficult to break in, but the manager keyed in the codes with deft fingers. In less than a minute, the door opened, and he led me inside.
  • My eyes caught the huge screen right away, displaying multiple windows that showed different areas of the hotel. The manager then ran his fingers on the keys, and the lobby where the president and his men were dining, zoomed in.
  • “Did you hear something from them that scares you?” he asked, turning his head to look at me.
  • I just held his gaze, but I did not nod nor shake my head.
  • “Is this the reason?” he asked again, and after some clicks, a window opened to an area by the outskirts of the forest.
  • My eyes flew wide when I saw battalions of men encompassing the whole perimeter of the forest. All of them were wearing shields, perhaps, because the Bronca bugs tend to bite at a person's sclera.
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