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Chapter 50

  • I tuned in a sharp ear while I was sipping from my cup, listening to their conversation. Pretending to be occupied, I picked up a magazine from under the table. These men were just a few meters away from me, though a pillar blocked me from their view. I knew they saw me, but perhaps thinking I was harmless, they did not seem to mind my presence.
  • “Have the troops arrived already?” one of the men asked, his voice louder than a whisper. But because of the deafening silence of the place, you can hear even a needle dropping.
  • “Yes, they are already surrounding the forest of Kalasag.”
  • “How far is it from here?”
  • “It’s the next hill from here.”
  • So, I am now in a resort close to Kalasag, Sean’s homeplace. Mr. Ian and all his allies must have brought me here to blackmail me into selling the other half of my shares by using Sean as a pawn. But of all places in the face of the earth, why does Mr. Ian choose it here?
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