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Chapter 49

  • I got up from my bed and walked towards the window. Parting the curtains to the side, the blinding light of the sun piercing through the window panes made me close my eyes for a moment. I closed my eyes tightly then opened them slowly until I got adjusted to the glare. The moment I gazed into the distance, all I could see was the rich and sprawling greeneries below the wide canopy of the sky, animated by its sailing, fluffy clouds. From where I stood, it looked like I was on top of a hill overlooking the rolling stretch of farms and plain below.
  • I then looked around the room. My huge bed sat atop a carpeted floor under a chic ceiling design illuminated by white, LED lightings underneath a rectangular frame. Aside from a set of couches, a coffee table, and built-in lockers, only a set of television, a phone, and a refrigerator graced the room. But what caught my interest in being here was the glass walls that allowed me to see the spectacular views of the rows of trees, the colorful meadows, the layers of land terraces, and the shifting colors of the skies.
  • I changed into a jumpsuit, put on a jacket, and a pair of large sunglasses. I couldn’t wait to know where I was. I couldn’t help wondering how I came into this room when all I remembered was that I was sleeping on the plane.
  • The logo of the resort embossed on the glass wall in the lobby greeted my eyes as soon as I stepped down from the elevator. It was a huge place, designed with elegant couches, center tables, luxurious curtains, and minibars at the corners to serve the guests who would ask for bottles of wine or coffee while lounging at the lobby.
  • Red and Greens Mountain Resort.
  • I stared at the imprint of the resort’s name on the wall as I sit down on a single couch that faced the outside view. It should have been reflective of its environment if that were Blue and Greens, instead. A waiter then approached me, disrupting my thoughts before I could stand up and go to the reception area.
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