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Chapter 46

  • Maybe because I had come up with a decision, my lower abdominal cramps did not recur any more. I had a dreamless sleep all through the night, and all those body malaise and dizziness I had were gone. With the help of Jera, I was able to get ready for my meeting with Mr. Ian that morning. Atty. Evarez informed me through a message that he and Mr. Ian would come in the morning, in response to my message about selling my share.
  • I changed to a casual dress that Nay Mina had sent me. With a soft touch of pink lipstick and a blush-on, I did not make any effort to appear presentable before Ian. Anyway, I was confined at the hospital and what anyone may expect was that I would be in a hospital gown.
  • Since I occupied the most expensive hospital room, there was a sitting area for the visitors. It had couches, a center table, and built-in cupboards. And before the shorthand of the clock on the wall hit number eight, I was already sitting in one of the couches, anticipating their arrival.
  • True to what I expected, there were three loud knocks on the door. Nurse Jera stood up to open it, and soon Atty. Evarez’s huge figure filled the door frame. I gestured for him to come in while I stood up to greet him. He extended his hand, and I accepted it.
  • “How are you, Dr. Grey?” he asked, a warm smile spreading on his face.
  • “I’m feeling better now, and I want to get this trouble over and done with.”
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