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Chapter 41

  • A ring from my phone stopped me from answering Atty. Evarez’ question. How could I tell him that I knew it from Eric? I didn’t want him to know that I had been abducted. And as lots of revelations unfolded, I had suspected that the mastermind behind it was Ian, himself. Though that abduction was somewhat a child’s play, I knew it just served as a warning that something huge was cooking for me should I refuse to submit to his demand.
  • I picked up my phone from the table in front of me. Upon seeing Eric’s number flashing on the screen, I gestured at Atty. Evarez to excuse me. I went out of the function room then held the phone in my ear.
  • “Eric, what is it this time?”
  • “Red, listen to me carefully. Everything is going south already. Mr. Ian of Riddance Corporation wants to dominate TAG. He is already sending his men around Grey’s residence to keep you around. Later, he will be forcing you to sell half of your share. His motive is to dominate TAG Corporation and become the major shareholder. Those who comprise the minority group are willing to sell their shares to him. But still, he can’t beat you if you will not give in to his demand.”
  • “What if I’ll refuse?” I asked. I didn’t know what to feel anymore.
  • “Your life is endangered. You are already in their hands.”
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