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Chapter 40

  • As soon as I hit the red dial icon, the light started flashing, signifying a coming call. I stared at the screen for a couple of seconds before making up my mind. Just by looking at the last few digits of that unsaved number, I knew it was Eric. I was afraid to talk to him again, scared that I would fall into his trap.
  • The constant ringing eventually convinced me to accept the call, and I was not mistaken. The rich, masculine voice that brought about a domineering tone was indeed, Eric's.
  • “My love,” he said, and my hair crawled at his endearment. “I underestimated your capacity to escape. I felt scared for you. Where are you now?”
  • “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry,” I answered in a lazy tone, followed by a yawn.
  • “Where are you?” His voice cracked a little, somewhat irritated.
  • “It’s not important.”
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