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Chapter 36

  • I slammed a fist on the table, making Eric jolt from his seat. The bowl of soup shook, spilling its content on the table. Eric’s expression turned sour as he looked at the mess, but he was quick to stand up and pulled a cleaning rag. Eric was the most meticulous person I ever knew. If this happened in the past, his mouth would have been non-stop in nagging. 
  • “Don’t ever dare to accuse anyone if you have no evidence!” I howled in anger, and all those pent up emotions I had on these last few days seemed to accumulate again.
  • “Really, Red? After everything he has done to you, you still have the heart to defend him?
  • “Whatever he does is none of your business!”
  • “Yes. it’s none of my business if it doesn’t affect you in any way.”
  • “Shut up. And whatever we had in those five years has already ended," I snarled, feeling creepy at his sweet talk. The hair on my skin stood on its end, that I had to rub my limbs to get rid of the feeling. 
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