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Chapter 33

  • I felt my strength leaving me as I felt the cold metal in my temple. I could not understand what was going on, but what came to my mind was that these men were probably President Ric's hired men.
  • "What do you what from us?" I glared at the man who was poking his gun at me.
  • I then rolled my eyes sideways to peer at the driver, wanting to see his reaction. I was thinking he was an accomplice, sending me into a kidnap-for-ransom set-up. However, I got surprised. The driver was shivering in fear, his color draining from his face.
  • "Just follow us silently if you don't want to get hurt." 
  • "Who is the mastermind behind this?" I bravely asked, mustering all the courage I could get to maintain a sound mind. I pretended unintimidated.
  • "Keep your mouth shut. You won't get an answer anyway,"  the man roared in my ear as I stepped out of the car; his pungent smell turned my guts inside out.
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