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Chapter 3

  • I wore a body-embracing, old-rose-colored gown with a sleeveless fitted bodice. The deep V-neckline plunged deep, enhancing the beautiful shape of my bustline. The spaghetti straps opened to a strappy open back that gave way to tapered sheath skirt with a thigh-high slit. I didn't need Sean to confirm if I indeed looked stunning. People told me I am gifted with beautiful body shape, whose curves swelled perfectly in my slender built. I also stood tall, with long beautiful legs. 
  • As I marched down the aisle with Sean by my side, the long slit at the front of my skirt showed my legs, but I didn't feel guilty about it. Sean was not a jealous type like Eric, who barked at me every time the crowd feasted their eyes on me. I could never understand him. He was the one who chose my gown, but he always got angry if he found it too revealing. He would always accuse me of making secret arrangements with the seamstress, so I could have the chance to flirt. 
  • Flashes from the sea of cameras glittered all over our bodies, and I was sure I would make headlines the next day. Why not? This was the first time the people saw me with Sean, and even if we wouldn't be announcing our status, the people could tell through the way we looked at each other that we were lovers. 
  • "Are you alright?" Sean asked; he probably knew I was not feeling comfortable. Most of these dignitaries saw me with Eric, and I was sure they would be thinking I was always running after billionaires. First, it was Eric, the man behind the Martela Group of Companies, and now with Sean, the legend behind Thomas and Albert Grey conglomerates. 
  • "With you by my side," I smiled back. The love I had for Sean swelled in my heart, making my smiles more radiant. 
  • Sean stopped and faced me. He pursed a smile then placed a hand at my nape before pressing his lips on my forehead. His eyes then glistened with threatening tears, but he drew in a deep breath to hold it back.
  • "Thank you so much," he said in a low voice before stepping back at my side to continue the march.
  • Sean was wearing a maroon tuxedo, complimenting my silver-sequined, old rose gown. Stunning as he was, his genuine smiles made him look more alluring. He kept looking at me, even as we held hands toward the table for the important guests. 
  • All the chairs and tables at the sides were facing the aisle so that those around wouldn't miss anyone who walked in. Just as we settled in our assigned seats, a loud commotion swept through the crowds. They whispered among themselves, and some stole glances at us. I looked at the entrance, and I saw Eric with a beautiful woman, holding his arm.  
  • I recalled the moment where I had an appointment with the designer. She helped me grab some design ideas through the brochure she gave me. After a long while of being indecisive, I picked up one that caught my attention. 
  • "I'm sorry, Dr. Red. Mr. Martela has already taken that design for her woman." 
  • A weak smile broke out on my face. Eric still upheld his dominance because he still decides for this new woman he now had. That gown I would have worn tonight if I had the chance to pick it first, was perfect for her. She looked dazzling, and she walked with so much grace that I could not take my eyes off her. I was amused at the thought, and as with the fact that Eric had also found someone else, as fast as I did. 
  • I glanced at Sean, whose eyes also riveted on this beautiful couple. I couldn't deny the fact that Eric's looks were also captivating, though I could not pick who between Sean and him was more handsome. 
  • "Eric found her," Sean whispered, and for a  moment, I got confused. 
  • Eric found her? I turned his declarative statement into a question, then after a short pause to think, I got it! It was her! Oh, no. Damn it!
  • "Calla?" 
  • "Yes."
  • I stared at Sean-watching his reaction--wondering if he's hurting. He looked disappointed, but I couldn't be so sure if that disappointment were related to jealousy.  
  • Perhaps, not; I assured myself. Yet, my heart betrayed me. It started to send a loud and painful thuds against my chest. 
  • Sean loved me more because he married me. Ever since he wooed me, he never stopped asking me to marry him. But what if he married me because he never had the chance to win Calla over the president?
  • "Jealous?" Sean bent down and whispered in my ear.
  • I frowned and glared at him. "Look, who's talking?"
  • Sean laughed softly and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. He looked into my eyes and held my gaze for a moment.
  • "I love you, Red," he said, "in the truest sense of the word. She may be my first, but that doesn't mean I'm hooked to her forever. Just like Eric and you."
  • I was about to tell him, "First love never dies," but I held it back because I realized he would also throw it back at me. Anyway, his confession--a confession that I already heard a hundred times--moved me again.
  • "And I love you, Mr. Grey," I replied, leaning my head at his chest.
  • He tightened his arm across me,  pressing me closer to him, then planted a long kiss at my temple.
  • "I love you more."
  • I no longer replied because the moment my face hit his chest, I began sniffing his scent again. Call me crazy, but I honestly found comfort in this new hobby.
  • "Sweetheart, why do I feel I am not only gaining a wife, but also a lovely puppy?" Sean commented, looking amused.
  • I rolled my eyes and giggled because I realized I acted silly. Yet, I couldn't help it. I felt addicted to his charm.
  • I was so hooked in my sniffing session that I didn't realize the two pairs of eyes thrown in our direction.
  • "You look so hot in that revealing gown. Where is your shawl?" Eric's glaring eyes almost protruded from its sacs as he stared at my cleavage.
  • I looked up to find Calla's eyes on me, her right hand holding Eric's arm. She smiled at me, and I gave back an awkward smile.