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Chapter 28

  • "You don't have to take your mother to your hometown. Her doctor is here, and she's used to the place. And besides, I have changed my mind. I am no longer taking back this place from you," I replied, but I looked away. I chose to ignore his statement about our status and our child. 
  • "Thank you,  dear,  but we have never lived in your family's house, anyway. Mother only agreed to live close to Sir Thomas if he would sell a parcel of this residential lot to us by installment. And she has papers for that."
  • I turned pale. That's maybe why the house was at the end of the fence, too far away from the main building. If it were not for the beautiful landscape connecting to the front lawn garden, I would have thought this house did not belong to grandpa's property. I almost got tempted to believe that Sean and his mom were never after my family's wealth, but anger had already seeped into my core. The pain of his betrayal with Calla had dominated my thoughts that I found it so hard to forget. 
  • "About my mother's medical management, Mia is going with us. By the way, she's the one taking care of her for a couple of years already." He turned to look at Mia then back to me.
  • "Mia, this is Red, my wife," he said, gazing at me, watching for my reaction that I kept unreadable as much as possible.
  • Mia also gave me a warm smile, and her two dimples showed, making her more attractive. However, she did not look surprised at all. "Happy to meet you, Dr. Red."
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