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Chapter 19

  • "Mr. President, I didn't know who Calla was in your life. I didn't even know anything about her except for her name and her birthplace. She even insisted I am just one of her life's passersby."
  • "Liar!" President Ric sneered, and his sharp gaze made me hold my breath. "Why did you keep her in your place? Why did you spend so much to look for her? And why did you let her come after you in Hawaii?"
  • A heavy weight ran over my chest when I heard him. Before I could draw out my conclusion, President Ric spelled it out for me.
  • "While your wife was asleep, or out on her activities, you were also indulging in pleasure with another woman."
  • Sean's color drained as he looked stunned at the president's revelation."Your woman is a bitch!"
  • The president's stare turned lethal at Sean, its glare pierced into my core, tearing me down. He stood up abruptly, slamming a fist into the table. The glass hissed and crackled; the trace of its broken surface turned into a wide map, forming a spider web pattern.
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