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Chapter 3

  • My shift finally ended after a few hours Mr. Grey left the hospital premises. I gave him an antihistamine for five days but encouraged him to consult his physician if symptoms persist. I took a shower before leaving, planning to dive into my bed as soon as I arrive home. It had been a long shift, and all I wanted was to sleep for another 24 hours. I was already in my third year of medical residency training, specializing in Internal Medicine. I planned to pursue a subspecialty program, also known as fellowship training, and perhaps, I choose either Cardiology or Infectious Diseases. I was already a few months away from completing my residency, but still, I had not made up my mind yet.
  • I took another shower as soon as I arrived home. I didn't want my boyfriend, Eric, to blame me if he ever gets sick. I was already tired of his foul mouth as I was becoming more and more worthless in his eyes. Yes, he had reasons why he looked down on me. He rescued me from the pit of financial hardship as a result of my father's death during my fourth year in college. 
  • My mother died when I was three, and I grew up devoid of motherly love. I envied those classmates whose mothers came during Parents Teachers Association meetings because my father could not. He worked as a ship captain, and a few years after my mother died, he came home every year, not to our house, but to his other woman. Yes, he visited me. He even pampered me with money, with beautiful clothes and everything a teen wants. 
  • My friends even envied me because I had everything. I had a fat bank account, and I always hang out in expensive coffee shops. They thought all these material things I was enjoying made me truly happy. They were all wrong. There are some things money can't buy. If I had to choose, I would have preferred to enjoy a simple life as long as I wouldn't live alone in dormitories and boarding houses near my school.  I already lived in dorms ever since I was in elementary. I had a nanny to take care of my things and my school uniforms, but I only enjoyed her company during weekends. I treasured her as a family because she did those responsibilities my mother should have done. Yet, she died when I was in high school, making me totally independent when I entered college.
  • Unlike those depressed teens, I did not squander my money except for my expensive lifestyle. I never went out with my friends at a club, though I spent dinners with them sometimes. I instead loved to study and burn my candles in coffee shops and enjoyed the feeling of being praised for excelling in the class.
  • Living the life of a lonely princess ended when my father died. Aside from the money in my bank account, he left me with almost nothing except for a house and lot, which I only stayed when my mother lived. When my nanny died, father had it rented but entrusted the monthly rental collection to his other woman. She never gave me a share of it and even spent the last penny of my father's bank savings. I sold the house, even if she objected, knowing I had the sole right as my father's daughter. 
  • However, my money did not last long. I took medicine after I graduated from my pre-med course, which was a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The high cost of the course itself plunged me deeper into financial hardship. I sold my expensive things, but still, it couldn't cover my entire financial needs.
  • I met Eric during my last year in medical school. I hang out with a friend at that time as I was getting tired of crying inside my boarding house. I spent my last money with our two cups of coffee but cried hard afterward, grieving over my loss as I started to feel pity for myself. Her cousin came over by coincidence, and that's how I knew Eric as a businessman. He was the son of the biggest shareholder of a famous university, but at a young age, he started to build his own company.
  • Perhaps, my friend noticed Eric's attraction to me, because she left us alone to talk. As emotional as I was, I started crying when he asked me why I looked sad. Getting conscious of the people's eyes on us, I accepted his invitation to talk more at the hotel he was staying in.
  • I was too innocent then, not paying attention to the risk of being with a man inside a hotel's suite. He comforted me and promised to take care of my tuition, and all that I need to complete my fourth year in medical school. He even told me to shoulder everything until I would become a full-fledged physician but with a condition to live with him as his mistress. The desire to finish my course and my financial setbacks left me with no choice. As a medical student who had thick books to study, I could never take part-time jobs. Aside from that, I am not used to working for a living, the disadvantage of being a pampered child. 
  • That night, he took me to his home, and from then on, lived with him. He provided a decent roof under my head, a fatter bank account, and expensive stuff. I paid him with my body. He was sexually insatiable, and I felt that in those few days I stayed with him, I was already rotting like an overripe banana.
  • I was still on my reverie as I lay awake on my bed when my phone vibrated. I was too tired to pick it up, aside from being annoyed at having my thoughts interrupted.
  • "Red? Why on hell does it take you so long to answer my call?"
  • "I'm sorry I was asleep."
  • "My time is precious, Red. Don't you dare to delay any second that I have."
  • I felt hurt again. Eric dominated over me as if I was a whore. I never felt loved at all, not even during our sex, where most men say sweet nothings. However, I had to accept my fate.  He bought me with a price.