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  • We spent most of the day, after having something to eat, practicing how to use and control our abilities. While Jason and Elena were doing the cool stuff, to eat, practicing how to use and control our abilities. While Jason and Elena were doing the cool stuff, I, on the other hand, was asked to study books and read stories about the greatest fairies as well as memorize the spells they wrote. My attention kept getting shifted towards my friends. Elena, for instance, was being taught how to invade someone's mind without them knowing. She was being properly explained to how she could find specific information she was looking for from a person by either touching their foreheads or one of their most valuable possessions or anything they had come into contact with. She could cause a person to act according to her will, during which the person loses total control over his or her own body. She could also pick up the smell of a person and track them, or hold an item that the person owns and find out about their whereabouts, just like we were trying to train her to do, but much better. One thing she was struggling with was communicating with others, specifically Jason and I, her only audience at the moment, without using her lips. I think it's called mental telepathy or something. But anyways, Jason, on the other hand, had more than sparkle fingers now to show off. He was taught how to properly bend fire to his will and to tamper with the temperature of a place, which to me was a little bit unnecessary, but the coolest part of all of this was his ability to shape shift. He could switch into any animal or human he could think of. I was told that since I never studied Paranormal Me, I was to study about ten books, five of which were about the authors of five magical spell books. I was told to be bold when speaking out the words even when I did not know their meanings, and also that each spell comes to you at the right time and that some demanded my willingness. After about a while of studying these ancient books, the fairy took me inside and explained that I was going to head the group of three, and that I had been blessed with more than just spell casting. She then held me by the hand and, in less than a second, I saw myself in a jungle where a lion was racing towards me in a Godspeed. I began feeling my palm grow heavy only to see a cub resting in my arms. I could swear the lion would eat me without mercy. The fairy then started whispering in my ears, saying, "Think about where you want to go, and want to be there this instant, or else you will die." My body began shivering uncontrollably with my breath way faster than that of a racing horse. My thoughts were racing around in different directions at the same time, and I could hear the fairy say to me, "focus Aires, focus!" Finally, I imagined myself falling down on the floor of the last room we entered before the jungle, and it happened instantly, but I hit my body so hard that I began to bleed from my mouth, and my body was hurting so badly that tears glittered all over my eyes."Good job !" She whispered, and as pissed off as I was, I could not get myself to utter even a word. You are the eyes, the ears, and the mouth of this group. You have every ability your friends have, but you need to discipline yourself. You can do everything you set your mind to, my dear, but you need to make sure you're accurate when selecting a destination like this, or else you might harm yourself and your friends". She offered a hand to pick me up and said a couple of words, and all at once the blood, the body aches, and everything vanished. I felt strong again. She then started clapping, and as she did, the books in the shelves lined up and started spinning around her. Then she said to me, "Do you see that book?" "Yes," I replied, "call for it; there's no name on it, and your hands can't reach it; call for it with your mind, focus, imagine yourself holding it, imagine the book approaching you; get that book, and you can go home."As she spoke, I tried stretching out my hands to catch it, but the more I tried, the higher it went, "I can't." I frowned,"Did I say go for it? "I said let it come to you," she retorted, "but this is absurd." You have poor self-contro, you have poor discipline, you find it difficult to listen. How do you intend to save your world when you can't even get yourself home? People will die if you don't have this book in your possession. This is what you must summon every last one of the legions into. I can't give this book to someone who does not want to save her world as badly as I want to, to someone who gives excuses rather than acts. "Her words were cutting deep into my soul, and it forced out tears from my eyes because everything was a lie. I want to save my family and my friends, everyone. As I kept beating myself up within, I began to imagine everything else gone, and the only thing in my sight being the book. Then I started hearing voices of people screaming in agony, 'Help us, please!'. It felt so real. I then set my gaze solely on the book and felt a strong force bringing it towards me as I stretched my hands to wait for it. "You're ready," I heard the fairy say, calling me to the realization that I had the book in my hands. The smile on my face was priceless as I fell to my knees, wiping the tears off my cheeks and hugging the book tightly. As we came out to meet the others, she summoned our attention and said, "Do not use these for the fun of it, but for the reason why you were all chosen." And about her name, she told us that we could refer to her as' The Reformer', which I thought would be a wonderful name for our team. "We could name ourselves 'The Reformers'." I suggested with all the joy I was feeling within, but my friends thought otherwise. "Its more like we're copying, don't you think?" Elena whispered. "What are your thoughts on a name that sounds like that of an army?" We went silent as the fairies. I mean, The Reformer began to speak, "My job is to restore peace in your world, and restore my home to how it was, a place of rest, of peace, hope, and beauty, but I cannot do this on my own. That is why I chose you to be my friends and redeemers of your world. You are warriors, and though you all have your personal insecurities, when you stand together you are strong. I've been watching you three for a long time; Jason since he was a child, Elena since she was a toddler, and you, Aires, I know you better than you know yourself; you are the chosen one, the one about whom the prophecy spoke, and I've been waiting for your birth for the last hundred years. The qualities of each one of you are magnificent, and I suggest... just a suggestion, that you pick the name 'Theron of Evil', for you are to hunt evil wherever you go, save lives, restore order, and put an end to the apocalypse.. " "Can you, uhm.. Repeat that again. Did you say terror?" I croaked, "Oh drama queen, if only you weren't our Grandma, you would have heard her." Jason teased, "Shut up." I pinched him, "Theron is a Greek word for hunters, and that is the name of your team if you will accept to be honest in your judgement, and fight for what is right and not use your abilities for personal gains." She explained, "You will succeed. Now you must go home. I have kept you here long enough. I shrugged, " a few hours." She smiled awkwardly, "It's time to put your training to the test, to see if you learned something. You must all learn to control your anger, learn to endure, and remember not to use your abilities for personal gains. I will be with you. Call for me when you need me, bye my friends". With that, she began waving at us and all at once we were in the midst of a hurricane. I could see myself and the forest we had to walk through to get here, the car we sat in, the road we used, everything passing by. It was as if time was going backwards. Without a moment's delay, everything went dark and nothing remained to be seen. "Aughhh," I roared, stretching my arms out as my hands reached for something really fluffy, "can't I just rest for a minute?"" You tell me, where the hell have you been for the past week, Aires?" I heard Mom scream as she flung my window open. "What? One ... But I was only gone for three days, Ma. I tried to defend it as I rubbed my eyes to ward off the sleepiness. Sleepiness? How did I even get home in the first place? How did I switch into bed clothes? What the... " Aires? Get up from that bed and get ready for school. When you return, wait for me, because you have some explaining to do. Do you understand? " "Oh Mom, you might as well kill me when I start telling you what really is going on." "Pardon me?" I was saying I might as well get killed by teachers if I go late, so we'll talk later. I'm really sorry Mom, "I apologized, dragging my tired body to the bathroom. I went to school that day and it was the most uncomfortable day of my life. Everyone kept looking over their shoulders, whispering to each other as I passed them by. I couldn't help the stares, so I kept my face down, and kept walking towards my class till I bumped into one of the guys who was rushing to class. "I'm really sorry!" I apologized, as I was helping him to pick up his books. "Oh, it's alright, I wasn't paying attention, just in a super hurry because I'm late," he explained, looking up at my face. Then a weird look formed on his face as he said my name, like he was freaking out, "Aires?", "Yeah? How did you know my name? ", "We're classmates," "we are?" I asked. I never took the time to get to know people in school. Two friends have been okay with me for a long time. "Yes, plus posters of you, Elena Morrison and Jason Danielson are all over the school and neighborhood because you've been missing for almost a week. What happened? " "Wow, what're you saying? A week? I've been gone only for three days. We were... " "Anyway, thanks for your help. It's nice to have you back in school," he said, quickening to get out of class even before I could say "thank you". ' Three days? One week? What the hell happened to these people? Wait, what if something happened to us instead while we were there? " I kept questioning myself until there was a tap on my shoulder, and the person revealed himself as Jason, as he was also now heading to class. "Why are you standing there? Did you forget the way that leads to your classroom? " He teased, "Not really. Do you wake up and plan how to be silly every day?" I replied, weakly punching his belly,"by the way, what's this thing going around that we've been away for a week when it's only three days?" "You should have seen my Dad's face when I went downstairs. He's certainly going to slaughter me. But I still don't understand why it's one week. Do you remember the look on The Reformer's face when she said "a few hours"? I'm certain she knew what she was talking about. " He explained. We entered the classroom and sat next to Elena for the rest of the day, of course, keeping our eyes on Perry, who did nothing out of the ordinary.
  • At ten thirty, the siren sang, indicating it was time for a break, so we went out together to the canteen to have something to eat. While having breakfast, I saw Perry and her friends holding a meeting with a couple of others while they ate. I got curious, but I could not go anywhere closer since I was an uninvited guest. "What do you think they could be talking about?" I asked my friends, who, just like me, did not know. "Elly, does your ability not come with'super hearing' because everything about her is now our business." I squeaked, but she and Jason both kept on eating. "I have an idea," Jason whispered, "I am a shape shifter. I can do something about it. See that girl going out? " He pointed to a girl with a long brown hair, "what about her " I asked, "well, I could transform into her and join the meeting, I'm sure she's not uninvited like us" he explained. "Wow, I'm jealous. "You don't need a girlfriend if you can do that," I joked, but he smirked and dashed out the door. About a minute after he left, we saw the girl walk in. We couldn't really tell if it was Jason or not, but if it was, he was really enjoying being feminine. He kept running his fingers through the new hairs he had. He looked pretty. Anyways, when I saw Jason get accepted into the meeting, I was sure it was him playing the girl role because the real Jason had still not arrived. I shifted my attention to Elena, who had still not eaten anything. All he had been doing since morning was smiling, responding by nodding or well, by smiling. I lifted my seat and placed it right beside and shut my eyes tightly and began imagining she was sitting next to me like she was at the moment. Then I whispered "what's wrong" without actually uttering the words to her. I cannot tell if she really heard me, but she gave a smile, which eventually changed into a laugh, escaping her lips. "You can do it." She asked, surprised, "Well, I thought my bestie is deaf and dumb, and I don't know any sign language, so that's why I tried that. I am surprised you can talk. I thought you ate a bug or something." "I didn't want to say anything because you would talk like you don't know how to shut up, just like now," she laughed. "But for real, girl, whats up? Talk to me" I picked up her fork to hold a portion of the chicken, sliced that piece and lifted it up to her lips "Please?" I said, as I squeezed my face like a needy little girl, "Okay fine." She answered, and opened her mouth to receive it. "Our lives aren't going to be the same anymore, you know?" She said, as she chewed gently and lowered her eyebrows, "We're going to be on the lookout all the time, to prevent bad stuff from happening, be peace setters when there's violence, we're the ones who will have the visions of things that are going to happen. Are we going to have time for our own selves? Our dreams, our future.. " I pulled her into a hug, making sure her head was on my shoulder, and began brushing her hair with my fingers. "I'm grounded for one week until I give a good explanation concerning my whereabouts. My parents are really pissed off. I've never seen them like that before. I feel like I let them down. It's all my fault. I should have told them the truth about where we were going, "she explained. "No," I said, "they would never have let any of us go."Who would even believe this story if we told it? It would sound like an excuse for us to go out to some drug party or something, don't you think? " "But A, we were only gone for three days." I've been asking myself the same thing. I thought I even went into a coma. Okay, look, we'll all go explain things to them and show them what we can do, and maybe that'll get them to believe us." "Well, maybe we should try that on your Mom, she understands you," I suggested. Maybe she could be the one through whom my Mom will reduce this prison sentence. " "Alright bud, it's going to be fine alright." "Yeah, thanks," she said, adding, "By the way, I still haven't mastered telepathy; can you teach me?"I begged, "I don't have a full lesson on it, but tuition is five hundred dollars for three minutes." I joked, "ouch, but I'm your sister, am I not?" "Well, your highness," I continued, "the economy has no relatives, but it would if it were called Aires the witch." She laughed. Okay fine, I'll teach you what I know which I just learned right now. Believe it or not, I was trying it out and it worked. I thought you might speak to me if I communicated in your new language, 'the mind language'. You need concentration and a higher level of positivity that it's going to work, and then you picture the person you want to speak to, and then you speak to them, with full belief that he or she can hear you. " "Just like that ?" She asked, like it's the craziest thing she's ever heard. Mine is the fact that my male friend is right now in a skirt and has long brown hair. "Yeah, that's it," I responded, and asked her to sit up straight, since she was leaning on me. "How about you try it? I'm all ears and mind, but if you're unable to do it, you don't get to rest your head on me because I'm not a pillow." "OK," she said without opening her mouth, "that was fast," I joked, thinking to myself, "pardon?"I requested, looking at her lips I said, f**ken okay, haven't you seen someone speak without a mouth? "But, like I said, I'm not a pillow," I teased, drawing stares from both of us. "Ouchhhh," she laughed, "you cheater," and punched my shoulder.
  • Talking to Elena caused both of us to forget about the ongoing meeting, but somehow Elena's psychic prompted her that the girl Jason was posing as was coming back, so we had to get him out of there. "What should we do?" I shivered, "telepathy-" Elena replied, "It's Aires." I whispered, speaking to Jason, who was approximately fifteen meters away, "Listen, you don't have time. The owner of the body you are wearing is on her way. Walk towards the door on the northern side. That should lead you to the girls' washroom. You'll figure it out, hurry!". "You're getting good at this, you know," Elena said, as she took her fork from me and commenced eating. "What about you? How's the possession thing going? " I asked her, but before she could answer, Jason interrupted us, "Girls, you can't believe what I found out. She's starting a group with some of the girls in her cheerleading club, and they're planning on naming it The Enlightener, their motto is 'taking over the world, one soul at a time' " "Wow, she doesn't waste time, does she? One soul at a time, that's a little too dark you think?" I soliloquized, "We need eyes and ears on the inside." Elena raised, "You two can do that, El. You can possess one of the girls, can't you?" I urged, "That's true, we can't have the same person seeing herself, like it almost happened right now." Elly agreed. We kept quiet and finished our breakfast in peace.
  • The rest of the day went on just like any other day, but we were still planning on how we were going to explain, or possibly deceive, our parents when they confronted us after school. I could not focus in class, especially with how everyone's eyes kept looking at me and my two friends. Most of the time, the whispers circulating were questions they were asking each other about where we went, what happened to us, blah blah blah, but the funny one is the rumor about us being kidnapped on our way home on Friday, as if I have no GPS that can lead me home. While paying attention to the circulating rumors, I felt someone step on my shoes, so I looked up. It was then I realized the teacher was looking directly at, "What's his problem?" I thought, "Are you with us, Aires?" He shouted, "Me?" I questioned, unsure of what was going on in the classroom. "Now listen to me all of you." he said. "If you wake up in the morning and decide to come to school, leave all, and by 'all' I mean each one of your unsolved house problems in the house and come to school as a student, not as a woman in maternity. You either do that or stay at home. We teachers cannot waste our time coming here only to have your attention divided. I hope I made myself clear, Aires, is it? " I nodded gently and apologized for engaging him, but I still didn't know what happened. I thought he was done with me when he pointed to the door and asked me to go to the principal's office and explain to her why I wasn't paying attention to my teacher in class. I got out of my seat and walked over to the front and apologized with every word I could think of, but his decision was still the same, "Go before I change my mind," he had said.
  • "Come in!" principal Flemming declared in a deep voice, as I knocked on her door. "Wow, Aires, what brings you here, come on in, have a seat" she welcomed, taking a bite off her chicken meat, a bit unprofessional if you asked me. I sat down, tensed with my hands shivering from not having any idea what I was going to say, "Well..." I began, "Mr. Cowell asked me to.." "Mr. Cowell this, Mr. Cowell that, he is always having a problem with everything and everyone, look if it's Mr. Cowell then you can go back inside because that teacher is ways complaining about one thing or another" she said " do you know that recently, he had visited the men's washroom and failed to dress well, on coming out he met Perry and according to him he asked to go to class, and she asked him to shut up, he replied that she will be suspended for it and according to him Perry looked at him and her eyes turned reddish on him, all of a sudden his belt went lose and his shorts fell off, but I heard that he had eaten so much that very afternoon so probably he was sleepy and didn't remember to tight up his belt" We both laughed, until "Perry? Did you say Perry?" The thought about it being Perry struck me, if it is Perry then it's true, "yes, I did say Perry, do not tell me that you believe what he said..." "Oh not at all, I mean, if he had eaten so much then he was feeling tired and sleepy. Growing up is messy sometimes " I said, " you don't say, but it's wonderful to have you back in school my child. About that, where did you go, your posters are -" "I think I should head back to class now, so I don't miss anything " I cut her before she could finish her statement, I had not planned what answer to give when asked that question yet. " Sure, sure, you take care of yourself, believe me we are looking for a replacement for him, he has caused enough mayhem already." She assured, "thanks for your time principal Flemming." "You're welcome Aires " she said, as she shut the door behind me. On my way to class I was thinking about what she said about Perry's eyes turning reddish, what if Mr. Cowell was speaking the truth, what if the legion had "what did the principal tell you?" Mr. Cowell interrupted as I walked in, "she said that I should let this be the last time and that the next time I'm found not paying attention she would personally ensure that I'm punished " I don't know where that lie came from, but it sure did the trick, I saw the sigh of relief on his face as I said that.
  • Lessons passed by quickly, and soon school was over for the day. I waited for my friends to finish packing up their books, and we left the class together. While we were walking, I told them about what I had heard in the principal's office. Just like me, they believed that Mr. Cowell was speaking the truth, "but if we're right, and he's speaking the truth," Elena said, "then that means we should have our eyes on her every move." "Yeah," I agreed, "if the legion is going to start their recruitment, I think they'll begin in the school. That is why she is building the so-called Enlightener club. But are you guys sure that it's going to succeed? " I asked, "Whether it's going to succeed, the visions we've been having make it very clear that the legion will cause much damage, so we must be on guard." As he pulled down one of the posters that had his face on it, Jason asserted, "I still wonder what I'm going to tell my mom when she asks where I've been for the past week." Elena whimpered. "I know this is going to sound crazy, but what if we tell them that because of the upcoming examination we went back to a private place to study in order not to get disturbed by anyone?" Jason conveyed, "you're a terrible a liar you know?" Okay, look, our parents knew we were going for a sleepover at each other's house, so though it's a bad idea, I think we should stick with what Jason is saying." Elena supported, "Okay you guys, be careful not to say anything that will contradict what we have agreed on." I said and leaned in for a hug from both of them. We had reached the junction where each of us had his or her own route to take, so we said goodbyes.
  • SIDE NOTE: In order to get the story from each person's (i.e Aires, Jason and Elena's) perspective , I will be employing the use of Point Of View (POV).