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  • During Sportfest every year, magazines containing information about the Sportfest are distributed to all parts of Rocksville to remind people who already know about this event, that it is time to come together, to those who are new to Rocksville like Aires and her mother, these magazines are a way of kindling their heart's to engage in this auspicious occasion which brings the entire town together. On that very year when for the first time ever Sportfest was going to be held in New World High, magazines came out a little late, about two days before the Sportfest. Aires got one to share with her mother on the Monday, which was two days before the event commenced, during diner. She took it upon herself to read it out to her, while they waited for the food to cool down, 'Sportfest' the first page read 'comes once every year. It is characterized by sporting events of all kinds. During this period, every high school student in any school within Rocksville is expected to participate to bring victory to his or her School. Parents or legal guardians of these students are entreated to be present to show support to their wards, it is out of these little events that memories are formed, don't forget. So, Mom's, Dad's, students of all schools, fasten your boots, buckle up and let's get ready to Sportfestttttt!!!!'. "Ouch" her mother said, "that means no work?" "Mommmm really?" She replied eyes wide open, "Come on, I'm just messing with you" her mother shrugged "I was just one second away from crushing your brain with some weird ability" Aires joked "Ohh so you think you can threaten me these days with your little spooky whatever huh? I got something up my sleeves too you know?" "Mhm what have you got?" Aires rolled her eyes "Sweet food that gets me hungry three seconds after eating?" "Well alright fine, you got me." Admitting defeat, she pulled her daughter into a sideways hug, but while patting her on the shoulder, Aires noticed a tear slithering down her cheek so reached out to wipe it off and asked "Hey what is it? What are you thinking?" "Aires" she said, "even though I'm trying to ignore it, I can't help but get worried about you" "Oh Ma..." "No let me finish. First of, your own friend almost killed you, it got physical, and now you're going to face of with more than one person and there are only four of you, I can't help but worry. Please be careful, maybe we should go pray first okay?" "Okay Mary, mother of all nations, I will be careful, and we'll pray on the Morn of the games too, I promise." The two hugged very tightly and continued the night with conversations about their expectations for the games until a call from Elena interrupted them.
  • _On call_
  • Elena: Hey girl
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