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  • During breakfast at school the next day, when Aires and company except Jason, had barely tasted what they were given to eat, Aires told them about the dream she had seen and how she was confused whether it was just a dream or a dream telepathy. When Elena heard about the safe house, she also revealed what she had dream about on that same night. "I think it's a dream telepathy, cos I was given the other piece you weren't" she said "around eleven last night I woke up to drink some water cos I felt a headache. When I came back to bed and fell asleep, I had a dream, in it was my father, he told me he was going to show me a place where we were to deliver our friend, he said we had only one chance and if we failed we never will be able to meet him again. We got into a car and drove off to the church twenty minutes away from here. Next the church was a new house, I call it new because the painting looked fresh. He got out of the car and gave me a key and kept a set for himself then we went in. He asked me to sit while he went upstairs and got a book to teach me. He drew the magic circle in the book Aires is studying, then he told me that if we want to get rid of the demon in Jason, then we must paralyze him to force out the demon. The next would be to get him in the circle, so he advised that we make him be in the circle before we paralyze him, but he warned that we should under no circumstance, allow him to see the circle, unless he is in it. 'If he sees it' I quote 'he will kill you all without thinking twice', he then told me that we stand in a triangular pattern around him, meaning that the circle shouldn't be that big, then we must hold our hands and from there, it is the Chosen One that knows what we must all say. He also told me that once we start the speaking that spell Aires will ask us to, the demon in him will be revealed, and at that point we must show no fear else we will be possessed by it, we must close our eyes for our eyes to be opened, that side is a bit absurd but yeah, that's what he said. He said there will be a loud scream of horror coming out of Jason, then he will fall unconscious, but you Aires, must do what you must from there." "Wow, that sounds dark" Vanessa commented with a wobbly voice. "I have good news for you all" Aires twittered, "what?" They asked, "I think I've perfected the spell to put the demons in the abyss" " Okay A, but we'll need more assurance than just 'think', don't you think?" Elena replied but with her brows raised in a funny at " Ouch that is so judgemental, don't you think?" Aires joked " Aight fineeee, I'll go and show you guys where the building is, but please master the spell so that we don't lose Jason cos he said if we're not careful, the drug might kill or the demon might" Elena added, the conversation came to an end as they noticed Jason approaching and began to eat. "I have something to show you girls later" Aires said, louder enough for Jason to hear her "How come I don't get to be showed something too?" He joked, making himself comfortable on the last seat at the table reserved for him next to Aires, he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer, but she immediately punched him in the stomach with one of those weak punches, trying to hide the fact that her cheeks began to grow a little pinkish and her eyes started to glow when he did that, but that was definitely the demon in him because the real Jason, the talkative, was still stuck somewhere in there. "No, jeez, it's only a meeting for three girl" she replied with a shrug "I hope it's not what I'm thinking" he mimicked splashing water with his hand, that was enough for the girls to understand "Goo away!" They said as they began to laugh uncontrollably.
  • Later that day, Vanessa improvised that she wasn't feeling so good, this was after the three girls hatched a plan to ditch school before closing time. She made her eyes look so dreamy as though she had been working for three days without rest, so she was asked to go see the school nurse. Because she was a little preoccupied, the nurse asked the three to go inside and wait for her in one of the next room and asked Vanessa to drink some water and wait for her. Elena hid herself behind the door and Aires sat next to the fake patient. After a minute or two, the door opened and in stepped the nurse, as she got closer to Vanessa to begin a checkup, Elena came up from behind her and reached for her forehead and temple. With her thumbs on her temple and the rest of her fingers on the forehead of the nurse, Elena whispered in her ears "I'm in control". The nurse froze and could not even roll her eyes, Elena got in front of her and started giving orders, "I need you to write a note for me" she said, the nurse got a book and a pen, then she sat behind her desk to write, the Aires and Vanessa held their lips, trying as hard as they could not to laugh because it could destruct Elena, she wasn't excellent at it yet. "I'm ready, what must I write Elena Ma'am" that does it, the girls burst into laughter at the reply given by the nurse, Elena quickly slipped her fingers in her ears to be able to focus when she noticed the distraction had caused the nurse to blink "Listen carefully and make no mistakes" she ordered the nurse "Yes Ma'am" "Good, so write 'Dear Principal Flemming, this is nurse Rachel, I would like for permission to be given to the bearers of this note, so that they can take Ms. Vanessa Bloom home. This is due to the reason that she is unwell and the atmosphere is a bit too noisy for her, I have given her drugs that will work much better if her body is in a state of rest. Thank you for your time. Yours, Nurse Rachel' thanks Rachel" Elena said taking the note from her as the last full stop hits the paper, "I'm here but to serve you Ma'am " the nurse replied with a smile on her face "I'm grateful. Would you do me one last favor please, I'd like for you to lay your head down and face the other way till I'm departed" Elena requested, "Sure " she responded and did as she was told.
  • On their way to deliver the letter to the Principal, three rooms to hers they were interrupted by the one person they hated the most, Perry. "Oops, what do we have here, the losing team?" she mocked, they came to a halt despite the fact that they were trying to ignore her, she pushed Aires to the wall when she realized nobody was ready to give her the reply she was expecting "Hey, hey, hey don't you dare lay a finger on her " Vanessa said as she pushed Perry away" Don't you dare ever think that you have the right to touch me" Perry's eyes flamed as she let out those words, she took a second to breath in deeply, then she released it out to calm herself "I see you have joined the.. losing team old friend" "Don't you dare call me your friend, you are a traitor" "Is this about your boyfriend again, Vanessa?" "Ex-boyfriend! No, don't worry, I have forgiven you a long time ago but don't kid yourself, we both know too well that the losing team is always the team of the bad guys, so be getting ready to round up your spineless creatures, cos they'll be going home soon witch" that was enough to irritate Perry even more, her eyes turned reddish, her fingers were shivering super fast, she just couldn't wait to pounce on her and tear her flesh apart, but just when was about to attack Vanessa the door to the Principal's office opened, Vanessa quickly switched into character, pretending she was ill, Perry frowned and walked away. The three walked towards the Principal's door and noticed she was about to leave, so they made their request know to her. She couldn't help but agree, looking at how dreamy Vanessa's eyes were, she offered to dropped them off at the junction since she was already heading out but a good principal would take her home.
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