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  • Mr Morrison's initial plan was to visit the park with the friends and at sundown he'd surprise them with tickets to go see the new Black Panther movie, little did he know that fate had its own plans. After his conversation with Jason which he told no one what it was about, his mood swung, even though he attributed it to a headache which he had began to feel after that nearly half an hour meeting, he was quiet and only said "I don't think I feel so good" when he was asked "What's wrong?" by his caring wife. "Are you sure?" She pressed, "Nothing, it's just this sharp pain, lingering in my head" turning towards the friends, he lowered his brows and said " Will it be okay if we do it at the end of the school games? It's being held in your school right?" "Yeah" they responded, all but Aires and Mrs. Morrison knew what was really wrong with him "Ouch I thought we were going out today, I got my dancing boots on" Aires joked "I know honey, can we do it some other time? Like, after the games at school? Please? I'm not feeling so well" "Aight, heard you loud and clear" she replied with a fond look. After the meal, they helped in the washing of the dishes and a couple of other things around the house. Aubrey, Elena's 'little devil' or 'witch' as Elena called her, wasn't around, she mostly spent her Saturdays at her Aunt's house and returns the following day. Before the friends left Elena's house, Jason left a goodbye with a questionable grin on his face aimed at Mr. Morrison which got Aires curious, so she began to wonder what the secret conversation was about, but Elena telepathically informed Vanessa to tell Aires everything the two heard from the kitten.
  • I spent the rest of my day pacing back and forth in my room, thinking and crying, "No, not my father too" I said to myself whenever my eyes met his in one of the three pictures of him in my room. The first one to my left was that of him holding me in his arms, he told me I was two years old by then. The picture in the middle was taken on my tenth birthday which was also a graduation day. I was wearing a black academic regalia, with my hands holding my waist and my father holding the regalia cap. The last one was a picture of me, Aires, Jason and my father taken a few months ago during the opening of the Chinese mall. I heard a weak knock on my door, "Come in" was my response while I struggled to hide my tears from whoever was coming. "Elena, why are you crying?" My Dad said as he entered and noticed me wiping the tears off my face, "Nothing Dad" "Ella what's wrong, don't lie to me" "Please tell me it's not true, tell me you're not one of them" " One of whom? What're you talking about?" He asked, befuddled by my words, "I know what you two talked about. Where are you taking the bag?" I solicited, he had a bag in hand and in the corner of it I saw a t-shirt which had popped up, 'is he trying to escape?' I thought, or 'is he leaving for the trip?'. He began to sweat, trying to find the right words to say, I pulled him close and held his forehead with my thumbs to his temple and invaded his mind to know what he was really thinking. I was right, he was leaving, deep down he was doing it to protect me, my Mom and my little sister, I also found out he had had an argument with Mom, while trying to explain himself. I began to feel vertiginous, the magnitude of the fact my father was going to be a weapon of mass destruction was not easy to comprehend. I took steps backwards and sat on the bed heartbroken, tears began streaming down my cheeks, "What on earth was that? Were you in my head? What's going on with you and where did you learn to do that...?" His list of never ending question was not running out anytime soon so "It doesn't matter" I said to , "I asked you a question Elena, I am your father..." "Yes so you're the only one allowed to keep secrets around here isn't it, Dad?" "Elena I ask the questions around here, understand? Now answer since when did you start practicing black magic and why did you hide it from us?" " It's not black magic" I justified, standing back up, "And you, you'll just given in because you think you're protecting us? That's not protection Dad, that's suicide. Do you know how many people are going to lose their lives because of these beings that have Jason? Do you know what their intentions are? They are going to destroy us and everyone that comes their way, and your plan is to rather spare three people and watch thousands, millions and eventually billions lose their lives with you in their corner? You were my hero Dad, didn't know you could be this selfish-" "Elena that's enough" he yelled "I see you heard out conversation, but your abilities need improvement. Listen to me, I am going there not because I want to side with them, but yes for your protection and your Mom and sister's, that's not the end of it, if you want to destroy an empire you invade it, and destroy it from within I can know more about their plans if I'm with them..." "Well you should have said that in the beginning. But spoiler alert, they don't have a building or a home, they just live within people so if you're packing up to go live with them, you must carry a house with you. " I quipped with a smile, "My bad" he said,
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