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  • School was finally over for the day, Aires, Elena, Vanessa and Jason decided to walk home together like they usually do so that Jason, or the new him will not get suspicious or go psycho. Elena trying to break the silence as they walked, started a conversation about a holiday she had spent with Aires and Jason together with her father. They had visited the new Chinese Mall on the day of it's opening, and decided to set a record of being the first to taste every food their restaurant had to offer. "Yo Aires let's tease this guy a lil, do you remember when he mistook the fried frog for a chicken.? " They all burst into laughter when Elena brought it up, "I knew they were frogs immediately I remembered chickens couldn't be this smallish even to a pandemic of shrinking" Aires added to the laughter party, Jason just stood there, looking at them in the dumbest way possible, but his three companions pretended it was not weird at all for him not to be laughing at something so funny as that. "When the waiter came, and we asked about the content of Jason's plate, the look on his face was priceless when he realized he was going to become king of croaks" Elena added, the three wouldn't stop laughing, Elena's psychic's forced her to look in between Jason's eyes, that's when for the first time in a while she saw her old friend, the real one within smiling at her, yet there was a bridge between him and the creature in control, he looked at her but reduced his brows when he realized Elena had been staring at him constantly for milliseconds. Elena looked away and pretended she hadn't seen anything, then the other Jason ended the laughter by asking, "Why not we do it again? I would love to meet your father again, he sounds like a good man, I mean he is.... Taking into consideration all the fun we had together." He sounded like a robot saying all that, it sounded almost like he was reading or repeating the words of someone else, they were words but empty ones. Aires prompted Elena and Vanessa telepathically saying "Don't change your moods, El, agree to him meeting your Dad, I have a plan" "Hey why not we all go to my house and visit my old man some time, he will be leaving on Sunday and might return around December you know?" Elena suggested, "I will be glad" Jason replied almost too quickly, frightening Elena on the inside. Vanessa had joined them in laughing but had uttered not a single word throughout the conversation so far, probably because she is still the new one among them and knew not much about their past, "We have come to the end of the road guys" she said, "don't forget to invite me over when you set a date for the visit " "I think this Saturday is perfect for it, or?" Aires chipped in before Vannie could conclude, "yeah, I'll tell my parents about it" Elena supported, "it's a date then" Vanessa smiled, "I can't wait to meet an old friend" Jason muttered but to everyone's hearing, if only they knew the magnitude of what he said. Like they usually do, they hugged and kissed each other's cheeks and said goodbyes.
  • The next day, just as Mr Stawicki had said, training commenced, but a little while after first break to prevent students from fainting during training sessions. Aires decided not to partake in anything despite the fact that she used to be part of the sprinters in her former school , Elena was in the female's football team and Jason was a b-ball player, Vanessa was still a cheerleader with Perry as the leader of the club. Each one of them went their ways, leaving Aires who spent the rest of her day at the library reading her spell book as well as the other book which was given to her as her guide to defeating the demons. She spent her time practicing how to draw the magic circle and as well as mastering the spell she was to use once she got has the demons in sight.
  • After school, as they approached their breakup junction, Elena announced that her parents had agreed to her inviting her friends over, so she told them to come at eight on Saturday, morning of course. "That's really cool!" they smiled at it, "Dad said he got some plans for it, hope it's going to be fun like the last time " Elena added before the hugging culture went on.
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