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  • Riona rushed down the stairs carrying a bag in one hand and holding her phone in the other. Wright had been standing downstairs and was waiting for her to finish up for them to leave. She saw her dad waiting for her and she walked up to him. They were both going fishing and the bag she was holding contains their fishing equipment and other things that they might need for the fishing.
  • “I am ready dad” Riona announced.
  • Wright was already prepared to go fishing and he has been standing by the door waiting for Riona. Riley was lying on the couch and operating her phone. She had already told them that she would not be going fishing with them today for personal reasons.
  • “Okay, Riona. I hope you grabbed everything that we need” Wright asked.
  • “Everything dad” Riona responded.
  • “Except of course for our water” Riona said as she remembered that she was supposed to get two cans of water from the fridge.
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