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  • Riona and Dexter are walking down the street hand in hand. They are chatting and laughing as they walked.
  • Riona was dressed in a short light purple sleeveless gown. The cloth looks beautiful on her while Dexter is putting on a blue jean and a jacket.
  • Dexter led Riona to where his car was parked and he opened the car door for her to enter. When she had entered, he went to the driver’s seat.
  • “So are you ready for this trip? I already told you that I would be taking you on a ride around Regina today” Dexter said.
  • “Today?” Riona asked.
  • She thought they were only going for a seat out. She never knew that he intended to take her for the sight-seeing today. If she had known, maybe she would have come more prepared.
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