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  • Ever since her last encounter with her dad, Riona had stayed away from everyone except of course for Talia and her aunt Kyra.
  • She just wanted to be by herself to allow herself to reflect properly on all that has been going on. She also wanted to avoid running into Maeve or her dad for any reason. So she spent most of the day locked inside of her room and only goes out when it is very necessary.
  • Riona had vowed before her dad that she would do anything to unravel the mystery surrounding the inexplicable death of her mum and she intended to go all out to do that. She would stop at nothing to see Maeve out of her house and out of her dad’s life.
  • Before now, Riona had kept her suspicions to herself and she had been carefully trying to assess and analyse the whole situation. She was hoping that once she was done with her investigation and had Maeve completely nailed to her mum’s death only then would she have revealed her findings to anyone.
  • Riona knew that if she had revealed her suspicions, it would have been believed that her thoughts were running wild because she did not want another woman to have her father. She never wanted it to appear as if she was merely being selfish and a spoiled brat.
  • As Riona lay on her bed, she noticed that her stomach had started to rumble and she began to twist and turn on the bed in order to hold the hunger a little longer.
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